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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Halloween!
I'm recovering from hip arthroscopic surgery, but
I still felt the need to blog my 
You can thank me later. :)

My Hubby is the BEST!
So thankful for this wonderful man!
Yesterday was my surgery and he has been by my side
every moment selflessly helping and waiting on me.
I honestly don't know what I would do with out him.
We took a pre-surgery photo before we walked in.
Ready to feel better and be back on my feet, but recovery
will take time.
Just before they wheeled me back for surgery.
So thankful things went well and for my family that is there
to help me.

Dr. Barker
This has been a long road visiting different doctors and running tests, but not until
I was referred to Dr. Barker could anyone figure out my problem.  He is a highly recommended      hip specialist
Now I might be singing a different tune in a few days, but
surgery seems to have went very well and he was able to
repair my capsule, rectus femoris, labrum and also remove a bone spur.
I begin physical therapy on Monday so prayers are welcome!

I was worried about what to wear for surgery and the weeks after so I thought I would 
feature a few things that have worked well and are just comfy.
Only I would be worried about clothing...LOL!!!
This top from Old Navy is so comfy and worked great for the
day of surgery getting on and off.
Click HERE for top.

I also purchased these 
These comfy pants are from Target.
Click HERE for these.


This sweatshirt tunic is perfect to lounge around in.
Click HERE for top.

Hoping I feel up to riding in the car while we take
Bailey trick-or-treating.
Something special I look forward to every year.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Keep up with me everyday.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

Let me just start by saying...
I'm just a little proud of myself!
Today is the 
of my blogging journey!
I set out to do something and 
With 126 posts this year it's been a great learning experience and
I continue to learn as this blog grows.

Now on to some family stuff...
 After school  the girls enjoyed carving their pumpkins!
Bailey has been asking for a couple of weeks to do this and we finally found time.

 The hubby always does a good job helping the girls carve their pumpkins.

 Bailey had the most fun digging the seeds and stuff out of her pumpkin.

Bailey's facial expression here cracks me up!!!
She's a mess!!!

 So proud of her pumpkin.

Madison is still a kid at heart because she had just as much fun!
Before supper we went for a little walk.
Probably won't be doing much walking after surgery for a few weeks; so 
I felt the need to get out while I still can.
 Bailey rode her bike and I tried to keep up with her.
Madison left us in the dust on her evening run!
I enjoy walking/running with my girls and am looking forward to after
surgery so we can get back to enjoying our activities.

I had a few emails yesterday asking where I purchased my scarf from.
Click HERE for my exact scarf.
Super comfy!

Happy Wednesday
Happy 1 Year Anniversary 
to the BLOG!!!
Read HERE from my first blog post a year ago today.

I would love for you to keep up with me everyday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Fun

Beautiful pumpkins are on our front porch, but inside
this is happening...
I pulled down a lot of our 
Christmas decorations and began decorating for the Holidays!
I am scheduled for hip surgery this week and just 
really felt the need to get this huge task behind me.

Saturday afternoon we invited Gene's parents to go with us to
 Selfie pic of us on the way for some family fun!

 Lots of down time at Mike's Farm since we had a 4-1/2 hour wait to get our grub on!
It ended up being about 3 hours, but OH SO WORTH IT!!!!

 My sweet girl!

 Madison and Landon all smiles!

 Where did my little girl go?
She's all grown up.

 Bailey and I enjoyed a stroll checking out the animals and scenery at the farm.

 Sweet pic.

 Grandma Dora posing with her sweeties.

 We love Mike's Farm!

Gene and his Daddy...
They would be lost without each other!

Click HERE to visit Mike's Farm.

Sunday morning is always rushed to get to Sunday School & Church.
 Bailey singing into her microphone on the way to church.

 I realized during church that the hubs and I were both wearing brown.
So I did what any wife would do...
made him snap a quick pick with me after church.
He wasn't too happy about it and of course it made me laugh!

Great weekend spent with my loves!

It's Halloween week and as a dance teacher each year I look forward to 
seeing my students dress up.
Lots of cuteness in these pics!!!
 Tumbling Tots class ready to play games and celebrate Halloween!

Kinder Dance class looking so cute in their costumes!
As you can see it's not easy making this happen---this was maybe our 12th try to get
these babies to look at the camera and say cheese!
Too Cute!

I shared this picture yesterday on 
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

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Erika, Narci & Andrea for my 
Friday Favorites.

What girl doesn't love new pajamas?!
Bailey loves her new monkey pajamas and so do I!

Birthday Wish List
On Wednesday, I featured lots of goodies to help my hubby out
 in the gift department.  My birthday is just around the corner and 
I thought it would be so sweet if I dropped hints of
a few things I might like to have!!!
Click HERE for my Birthday Wish List post.

I am really loving this military style jacket with black sleeves 
from JCPenney. 
I purchased this coat several weeks ago and it's finally cooled off enough
this week to wear it....YAY!!!
Click HERE for coat.

Indoor Christmas decorations are going up this weekend...
or at least I have high hopes that they will.
I'm having some surgery next week so getting
my Christmas tree up is top priority.
I'll keep you posted!

Bailey can hardly wait for our elves to arrive!
Maybe since the Christmas decorations are going up they will
show up a little early this year.
For a few years we've just had the boy elf, Skippy. 
Last year a girl elf arrived named Ginger.
I love these elves  just as much as  Bailey...what can
 I say- I'm still a kid at  heart.

I found this the other day and of course our elf had to have it!
Click HERE for elf aviator jacket.

Lots of arm candy ready to go out!
Email me to order your  Ruby Rhee bangles today:  or

Have a great weekend!
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Ruby Rhee Jewelry
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday Wishes!

My birthday is just around the corner and I'm sure
my hubby needs a little help in the gift department...
so I've put together a little
Birthday Wish List!
Sit back, grab a cup or pot of coffee and enjoy...

If you follow Pinterest Told Me To
then you are well aware of the blardigan.
I want one...ASAP!!!
Click HERE for blardigan.

I really like these 
TOMS leopard booties.
Click HERE for booties.

Check out these Frye boots.
Click HERE for boots.

I really need a new laptop.
I kind of like this one.
Click HERE for laptop.

My sis-in-law was sporting these earring the other day and I fell in love.
Would love these in black monogramming.
Click HERE for earrings.

I would also love a Clarisonic!
Click HERE.

Just a few birthday wishes to help out the hubby!
As my Dad used to say,
"It won't hurt you to want"
So True!!!

Happy Wednesday!
Get out and make it a great one!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

On Friday we took the kiddos out of school to attend the 
We had lots of fun!
 My sweet girls posing for a pic.

 We took a pic with a man dressed up like a tree.

 My sweet Gummy Bear Girls!

 There's always stuff to try out at the state fair.
The girls played in this moon sand.

 We enjoyed watching the animals.

 Bailey and I rode the swings.

 Madison and I goofing off in some van they had on display....we were 
pretty tired by this point.

 This is proof that this guy went with us! this pic of him stepping out of the port-a-potty!

Saturday night we went to the movies!
Bailey is taking good care of her baby girl.

We saw this movie and it was really good.
Sad, but good!

Well, that's about it for our weekend!
Have a blessed Monday!

Keep up with me everyday.