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Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Inspiration!

 It's the week of JULY 4th!!!!
Can you believe it????
So... I figured why not share some 4th of JULY inspired outfits!
These are super simple and comfortable.
I'm not sure about you, but we'll be
relaxing on an island soaking up sunshine!
Whether your headed to a BBQ or
just out with friends this combo will work for you!

White Eyelet Shorts/LOFT- On Sale for $25
Navy Tank/OLD NAVY
Putty Wedges/NORDSTROM
American Flag Scarf/Similar Here

Now to my beautiful daughter, Madison.
She is wearing a simple blue dress with a statement necklace.
This outfit would work perfect for the evening of
JULY 4th  for dinner and a party.

Blue Fit & Flare Dress/FOREVER 21
Statement Necklace/Similar Forever 21
Steve Madden Nude Heels/BELK'S

Happy Monday!
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Friday, June 27, 2014

When Mama's Away & Some Fun Shoes!

These girls are always busy doing something!
I had a hair appointment on Wednesday and this is what I
came home to...
Who allowed this---Madison!
 Bailey did a great job painting her initials just like her sissy!

 WOW!!! Great Job Madison!
She did this all by herself;
obviously- cause I wasn't home! :-)

 When Daddy got home Emma came over and he let Bailey drive the
golf cart around the house!

On Thursday the girls and I ran some errands, but we
managed to squeeze in one clothing/shoe store!
I found these cute wedges!
 So comfortable!  I really like these!

 I like them even more now that I'm blogging about them!
Why did I not buy these??????

Don't judge how we look running all over town!
You can find these Shoes HERE.
They are super cheap...better get em' while they still got em.'

Who else loves a wedge more than me??
She ran and got her a pair to put on with Mommy!

These pics have me in SHOE FEVER!
So I thought it would be fun to feature a few pairs of my
favorite sandals/wedges for the Summer!

Jack Rogers are always fun and perfect for the hot summer months!
This is my favorite color and I've enjoyed them so much.
You can find these HERE.

I purchased these wedges in the color PUTTY last summer and they go 
with everything.
Very comfortable wedge!
Sorry! They are currently sold out!

Madison and I both have these sandals and we wear them constantly.
You can find these HERE.

Here are a few that I have my eye on right now!

These would go great with so many things!
You can find these HERE.

I love the white/black combo.
You can find these HERE.


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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lazy Summer Day

On Monday night our church youth group enjoyed an evening at the water park!
 Bailey is in between pools here posing for a sweet pic!

On Tuesday we were really LAZY!!!
It's okay to have one of these days in the dog days of summer...right?!?!
Well, we totally did!
 The girls enjoyed pedicures & manicures with each other.
Bailey was a little upset when Madison removed her nail polish that 
she had worked so hard on.
Bailey needs a little more practice!  I mean she's only 6!

 Then the girls were ready to make some 
We absolutely love the cake pops
at Starbucks!
These babies right here are to die for!
So the girls had lots of fun making a mess in my kitchen.
 Bailey sneaking a little cake batter!

 No more sneaking!
She sat right down in the recliner in the living room and went to 
finishing up the cake batter.
 Bailey asked if she could bring some pots from the kitchen into the 
living room to play with so I said, "Yes!"
I pretended like I was in the hospital(because I was laying on the couch 
watching T.V.) and she fixed me tea, spaghetti & soup.
 Clean up time!

While we were playing in the living room,
Madison worked hard on her cake pops!
We've got a lot of work to do to get them
as yummy as Starbucks, but
they were pretty & delicious!

Happy HUMP Day! :-)
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Date Night & Weekend Fun!

For the first time in FOREVER...
the hubby and I had a date night.
It was a quick evening out to dinner, but
hey, we were alone-- without kids.
I dressed up just a little for my man!
 I wore this pink maxi dress.
This dress is super comfortable and also affordable.
 Click HERE to find this dress.
Only color left is navy.

 We took a selfie!

 I wish I had something more exciting to show you, but this is it!
The hubby on his cell phone checking on things at work.
We had a nice dinner and I always enjoy my time with him.

 Saturday morning we dropped Sissy off at volleyball camp and then we stopped
at Belk's.  As you can see we had to get a shopping cart.

 Bailey showing off her book about Australia that her friend Emma gave her.
She loves books and learning!

 Saturday night we went on a double date with our friends, the Richardson's.
We haven't spent time with them in forever!
Lisa and I are always happy to see each other.

 Yes, we took pictures of each other at the table!
Doesn't everyone do that?

Scotty & Lisa's turn for their pic!
Awesome lookin' couple right there!

Sunday after church Daddy took the girls to ride the 4-wheeler & motorcycle
at Busco Beach while Mama did her own thing.

 Madison sent me a snap chat!
Bailey is holding on for dear life!

 Taking a break...

 Looks like Daddy's napping????

And looks like this might be another break???
They told me they went riding.
I'm just the messenger!

I may or may not have had some retail therapy and indulged in Starbucks!

It was a great weekend with my family!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

It's FRIDAY Y'all...

We've been super busy this week having fun and soaking up summer!
Madison had volleyball camp; so Bailey begged to go to Walmart.
When she's with me- she has to push the cart!
It really gets on my nerves, but before long I'll be begging her
to go to Walmart or anywhere with me.
 She got some $$$$ from Grandma Sandra and it was burning a hole in her pocket.

 If you know anything about Bailey you should know that her picking out this cash register
is no big surprise.

 And of course she had to do a price check on all the items in our shopping cart.

 We got home and immediately she went to playing store!
Yes, that is her healthy lunch of bagel bites and a caffeine free diet Pepsi.

 We picked Madison up from volleyball camp and went to the water park.
These two love each other!

Our community still needs your prayers for 
He was in a very tragic car accident and is still in critical condition.
what you are doing right now and pray for this boy!

Everywhere we go in town we see this-
Pray for Riley Sasser
People are sporting t-shirts, car decals and writing it on their cars like above pic.
Anything and everything to get the word out!

If you missed Madison with her fashion style yesterday be sure to check it out HERE.

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Have a great weekend!