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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and this crowd is ready to 
celebrate and eat lots of turkey & dressing!

The 1st 9 weeks awards program was yesterday and 
Bailey received:
Academic Excellence, 100% Homework and Accelerated Reader Awards.
 We are so proud of our sweet Boochie!!!

 Bailey's class had a small Thanksgiving party!

 Does anyone else's child hate to wash their hair as much as my child?
I received this Snap Chat from Bailey while I was at work.

 When I got home from dance, Bailey had wrote out her 
Christmas List
for Skippy and Ginger to take to Santa.

Our elves are behaving... so far this holiday season!
 Ginger and Skippy were sitting nicely reading the 
Elf on the Shelf book on Tuesday.

Bailey had a small cut on her hand, but
it was pretty drastic to her.
This morning Skippy and Ginger brought
Bailey these Elf on the Shelf band aids and pajamas!
She was super happy!

Alright it's time to rest up for the rush of 
the Holiday Season!
Lots of sales you will not won't to miss out on, 
Christmas play practices, school programs, family functions,
baking, parades, and so much more, but let us not forget
the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

Keep up with me everyday!
Keep up with Skippy and Ginger on Pinterest-Click Here

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up & Our Elves Arrive!

Our weekend was packed full of fun!
On Friday the girls and I enjoyed Starbucks.
 The red cup just makes me Happy!!!

 Bailey posing with her "Boo" puppies.

 On Saturday our church celebrated the upcoming holiday with a 
Thanksgiving Festival!
Our Preacher and his son worked hard loading this crew around in the hay ride.

 Bailey and her B.F.F. Emma bundled up and ready to go on the hay ride.

 There were lots of games for the kids to enjoy.
Bailey's favorite was Bobbing for Apples.

 We even had fishing...they caught candy!

 Balloon pop and inside each balloon was a scripture.

 There were fun photos with props and yes my shirt is gapped open.

 Even the adults joined in on the fun.
Thanks to our youth group for planning and preparing the 
Thanksgiving Festival.  It was a huge success!

It's that time of year again!!
On Sunday morning our visitors arrived...
 Skippy and Ginger are here for the Holidays.
Bailey was so excited to see them.
Skippy is holding a little sign that
says only 31 days till Christmas.

This morning they were relaxing on the mantle.
I'm excited to see what all they have up their sleeves these next few weeks.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

So happy it's 
Linking up to day with
Erika, Andrea & Narci for my
Friday Favorites.

This is really not a Friday Favorite, but
it's important so I had to include it today.
 My Dad bought me this car several years ago.
He wheeled and dealed with used cars for years so he was always on the hunt 
for a good car that was great on gas and one that of course had good cold air conditioning!
I am always on the go and he hated to see me waste my money filling my Tahoe up every few days;
so he solved that problem and helped me by purchasing this..."Gas Saver!"
My Dad is no longer with us therefore this car as silly as it sounds means so much.
When it's scolding hot in the summer my girls and I hop in it to run a few errands and to
visit Grandma Sandra we laugh and say it may not be pretty, but
it's got some damn good cold air...which is what my Daddy always said.
My Dad was always there for me and my family and this was just one small
way of many that he helped us.
My Dad was all about saving a dollar and this is one way without a doubt
he taught me how to save money as well.
My Dad's idea of a pretty car and mine were two totally different things.
Growing up  you never knew what Daddy was going to pick you up from school in.
The days he went to the car sales you were scared just what he was going to roll up at 
the school house to pick you up in.
One day when I was in high school he rolled up in one these....
A bright orange Plymouth Scamp...I was mortified.
So glad that I can look back on it now and laugh.
I guess I've kept the tradition going because I love nothing better than to pick my
oldest daughter, Madison up from high school in  that little blue car.

Here's a pic of the hubby and my Daddy with something he bought off of the sale.
They fixed it up nice and decked it out in camouflage then sold it and made a nice hustle!
My hubby has been after me for awhile to get rid of it and
when the perfect buyer came along I knew it was time.
Prayers for the family that purchased my little blue car and
that it will be just as good to them as it was to me.

My girls dressed pretty for church on Sunday.
I love how they love each other!

I'm so overwhelmed with all the love people are showing
for my jewelry!
A few friends have hosted parties and while I am still
recovering from my hip surgery...this has kept me very busy.

Perfect Christmas gifts.
Buy two for you and one for a friend!
Prices range from $15-$30.
If you would like to make a purchase please message me.

Thanksgiving is next week...
So ready for some yummy turkey & dressing and desserts galore!

I saw this on Pinterest and it made me think...
Everyone is so busy that we honestly don't take
enough time to thank GOD for our wonderful blessings.
Take time out this Thanksgiving and spread
God's Good News to others and let the special ones
in your life know just how special they truly are!

Have a blessed weekend!
Keep up with me everyday.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

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for my

National Honor Society
 So proud of Madison!
On Monday night she was inducted into the 
National Honor Society.

She's got it and brains!!!
Keep up the good work!

Good Report
I went back to the DR on Wednesday and received a good report!
No more wearing the leg brace and I can begin to ween myself 
off of the crutches.  Of course I will not be able to resume my
normal activities until 10 more weeks, but this is a big leap for
just 2 weeks after surgery.

Athletic Banquet
 Last night we attended the 
Fall Athletic Banquet 
where Madison was recognized for playing 
J.V. Volleyball.
Sweet friends from Madison's team!

Bailey Lost Another Tooth!
 After Madison was recognized at the Athletic Banquet Bailey and I stepped into the lobby.
Sitting in those hard seats in the cafeteria just didn't agree with my hip.
I noticed Bailey messing with her tooth and it started bleeding.
I took a look and told her it was ready to be pulled, but she wasn't ready.
I texted Daddy and he walked out to come pull her's one of her front teeth.

 It bled a little more and she wasn't happy about it.

 Daddy trying to talk her into letting him pull it out.
After a few minutes she gave up and let him do it.

 Here's our snaggle puss!!!!

At bedtime she was excited to place her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow.
I can't get over her new smile!

Colder Temps...
have arrived in eastern N.C.
The high today is 46.
Pretty sure they won't stay around for long, but it'll be a nice change for 
a few days as the holidays are quickly approaching.
There are only 6 Fridays until Christmas...
I've got to get busy with my Christmas shopping!

Let's Talk Boots
Madison and I both have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of 
boots this fall.
Here are a few of our favorites.

The Frye 'Melissa Button' Boot.
This is my FAVORITE by far!
Madison and I both love this boot.
Click HERE for more info on these babies.

I like these Enzo Angiolini 'Eoro' Boots.
Very stylish and comfy.
Click HERE for this boot.

Here is the very popular Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boots.
Click HERE for this boot.

The weather has cooled off and I'm excited not so much for the temps, but
to add some layers and warm up by the fire.

Have a great weekend.

Keep up with me everyday.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up and SALES!!!

It's already 
The weekends really need to slow down!
On Friday my Mom was kind enough to pick me up so I could 
run(walk very slowly with crutches) some errands, we also ate 
lunch at Ruby Tuesday and she took me to physical therapy.
Wonderful afternoon spent with my Mom!

This was the best part of our little outing...

On Friday evening my dear friend, Laura brought us supper from
the best Italian restaurant along with many other goodies for our family 
to enjoy.  So thankful for dear friends.
No pictures needed of us pigging out on a Friday night!

After dinner the family pitched in to help get our house clean...
including the hubby!

Yep...he's vacuuming!!!
I followed behind him to be sure he was doing good job,
but he did not like it!
It's been really hard not being able to do these little things myself.
So frustrated and praying I can be back up on my feet very soon!

Saturday we went to a local church's Christmas Bazaar.
Lots of fun and food there.

 Bailey got a sparkly tattoo.

On Saturday afternoon I was pooped so my girls helped 
me get set up to ICE my hip.
Bailey stayed by my side so we took a selfie.
Her smile just cracks me up!

Madison is a new employee at 
Several shops in down town Kinston had their annual 
open house to bring in the holiday shoppers so Madison was excited to work yesterday.

There are several SALES going on right now...
so here goes!

has a lot of deals going on right now and
they are also offering 25% of your purchase ONLINE ONLY no code needed.
Ends tomorrow: 11/11

Friends & Family Event.
40% off with code FFCARD
if you use your Gap card, Old Navy card or Banana card.
Ends Today: 11/10

Many select items are 
up to 40% off.
Nordstrom is a great place to shop-
free shipping on EVERYTHING and free returns.
You just can' beat that!

Keep up with me everyday!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

Linking up today with
to bring you my

My Crew!
So thankful for my awesome hubby and my 2 sweet girls.
They have helped me so much this past week after my hip surgery.
No doubt...I have seriously gotten on their nerves by asking them to 
do things, bring me things, pick up things and the list goes on.
It's a great feeling to know that no matter what life throws at me;
we will overcome it.  
It's not just my family that helps me to get threw each day...
it's JESUS CHRIST, my Lord and Savior
and how we put our trust and faith in him to lead and guide us 
each and every day.
I still have a long road, but as all things...
This too shall PASS!

Okay...let me change things up a bit.
How about Christmas is just around the corner and I haven't even started shopping

I've featured theses booties a few times , but they're so great I had to mention
them again since they are on sale-40% off.
I love wearing mine!
Click HERE for booties.

How about the new Keurig 2.0....
I already have a Keurig,but I just like this one.
We've had our Keurig for almost a year and 
I love my morning coffee and the girls love making hot cocoa.
This would make a great Christmas present
Click HERE for Keurig 2.0.

I love Christmas ornaments that you can add your own picture and the year is also included.
Our Christmas tree has so many picture ornaments.
I love looking at them each year and seeing how my girls have changed.
Click HERE for ornament.

How cute is this...
Perfect little craft to do this holiday season.
I found this on Pinterest.
It looks super easy, but I'm sure somehow ours will not turn out as great as this.
Click HERE for details.

Happy Friday Friends!
Keep up with me everyday.