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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

So excited to share my 
Friday Favorites 
with you today.

I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea.

Bailey's last day of school!
 She has grown up so much!

We had to get our new kitten in the pic.

Bailey had a great 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Sutton
which made this year the absolute BEST!
Bailey loves Mrs. Sutton and enjoyed being
in her class.  I can't say enough great things about
this school has been a year that we will
always look back on and SMILE!

School is out!!!
On our first day of summer vacation we slept late and then changed out of our pajamas into our 
swimsuits and headed for the pool!
Bailey did not want to be in our pic.

Bailey loves trying to keep up with the older girls
at the pool.
I see many more pool days in our near future!

Check out our CONVERSES!!!
Madison got a pair of converses last summer and ever since I've wanted a pair.  Early spring I 
purchased THESE and then Madison updated hers and got THESE.  We took them to be 
monogrammed and I am in LOVE!!!!
Click HERE for Madison's converses.
Click HERE for my converses.

Since we are talking about shoes...
Let's talk about summer sandals!

I just purchased these for Madison and so
far she is very pleased.
Click HERE for the Jack Roger's Lauren sandal.

I purchased these for myself a couple of months ago and they are now my go to sandal!
Click HERE for the Jack Roger's Georgica Sandal.

I love these Michael Kors wedges...and
they are on SALE!
Click HERE for wedges.

I have hopped on the Plexus train and 
love it!
I have a sweet friend that has had amazing results 
from PLEXUS!!
Micah has dropped 41 lbs and feels better than ever!
Plexus offers many products to boost your weight loss or if you're just looking to get healthy!
For more information please check out the website.
CLICK HERE for more plexus info.

That's it for today!
Happy Friday!


Keep up with me everyday.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweet 16 Party and Awards Day

We celebrated 
again this past Friday night with her friends.
 Madison's cake was so cute and delicious.  It was chocolate chip cookie dough and it was some kind of good.  
If you're local be sure to check out 
located in downtown Kinston on Heritage st.
They did a great job on her cake!

 Madison acting all shy in this pic while we sang 
Happy Birthday to her!

Blowing out all 16 candles!
She had a great time hanging out with friends.

 Bailey had her 2nd Grade Awards Day yesterday and boy did she
rack up on awards!

 She is so shy!

 Sissy didn't have any exams so she was able to be there for Bailey.

Mama & Daddy are so proud of this smart girl.
She's had a fabulous year thanks to her wonderful
teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Sutton.
Bailey loves her teacher and it seriously made 2nd grade so much fun.  
Bailey received:
P.E. Award
Library/Media Award
Super Kid
Homework Star Award
Accelerated Reader Award
Principal's List Award
Way to go Bailey!!!

April :)
Keep up with me everday!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday...
and we are getting closer and closer to 
Summer Break!!!
Last day of school is Wednesday and we are ready!
I'm linking up today with Andrea, Narci & Erika...
so let's get to it!

Sweet 16
My baby turned 16 on Sunday!
I seriously can't believe it.
We went Tuesday to get her driver's license...
and she passed with flying colors.
 Mama is not ready for this...
Happy Birthday Madison!
We love you till the counting numbers end.
We are celebrating again tonight with her friends!

After Madison got her license we made a day of it...
eating, laughing and of course shopping!
Madison's most favorite store is
We had fun trying on lots of shorts, tops and dresses.
Matching shorts...CLICK HERE.

Bailey was super excited over her volleyball trophy.
She played recreational volleyball this spring...following 
in her Sissy's footsteps.

What you do with one child...
you must do with the other!
Bailey was a little jealous with all the attention
Madison received with her birthday; so yesterday
Bailey skipped school and we had a little fun in town.
 First stop-
Starbucks & Target.
Aren't these little mini sizes adorable!

We stopped by Old Navy and I couldn't resist trying
 on these shorts overalls.
Bailey was quick to get a pic. 

I'm so excited to announce that I am officially
an ambassador for
Hopefully you've heard of Plexus unless you've been
living under a rock or something.
I was very hesitant to try, but I ordered from a good friend 
that has received amazing results and I am so glad I did.
I'm not trying to lose weight, but rather inches and 
interested in a more healthy lifestyle.
Plexus has many different products to choose from.
For more info please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.
or to order:

Happy Friday!

Keep up with me everyday.