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Friday, May 30, 2014

What I Wore!

Here are a couple of fun outfits I threw together and wore this week.
My hubby was kind enough to take a few pictures.
We both laughed a lot about this, but I had no choice-- I'm not good at selfies!!!
So here goes!

Outfit #1

Linen-Blend Pull Over c/o Old Navy, Denim Shorts c/o American Eagle,                              Cognac Sandals c/o Belk, 

Outfit #2

Limited Blazer c/o The Limited, Black Tank Top, Callisto Wedges c/o Nordstrom,
Brown wide Belt c/o Old Navy

Love this look!
This can be dressed up or down!
Just have fun with it!

***The Limited Blazer I found at Sams Club for $10.
I purchased this coral color and a black also.***

We've got a big weekend planned!
Madison turns 15 on Saturday!

See you back next week!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful
Memorial Day Weekend!
We spent the weekend at the beach with family.

We left Friday afternoon for some relaxing down time.
My hubby doesn't understand what, "down time" is!!!!
He has been working hard on the golf cart getting it 
road ready so we could enjoy it this weekend.
So, of course when we get it down there it decides not to work.
Worked perfectly fine when we left the house.
The hubby spent a lot of his, "down time" on Saturday trouble shooting 
the golf cart problem.  After several hours he finally got it 
functioning properly!
Way to go Gene!

We left him behind and hit the beach for the afternoon!
It was a beautiful day.  
We all got washed up and ready for supper.
Steaks on the grill and yummy salad.
Saturday night we just enjoyed family time.
Aunt Christel & Bailey played Old Maid.

Sunday morning Bailey had to have her morning coffee.

This is a perfect picture of our, "down time!"
Trey, Bailey & Madison all cozy on the couch.

Also Sunday morning we enjoyed a devotion lead by Christel.

My niece, Taylor and her boyfriend, Jeb enjoyed the devotion as well.

Everyone got dressed and we headed out on the boat.
The boys dropped us ladies off at Coast Guard Island while they
did some fishing.

Before we knew it- Monday was here!
My crowd is headed to check the crab pot.

Madison got lucky!

Perfect example here of the hubby.
Always doing something!

 We had a wonderful weekend and we are looking
forward to many more beach weekends.
It's just the beginning of our
Summer Fun!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Beach Accessories!

Yesterday I featured several bathing suit options for
the holiday weekend!
So today lets' talk about some of my favorite 

*Be sure to click on the links in blue to take you straight to the products featured.

When heading out to the beach the most 
important thing you need is...
Here is a great sunscreen that I discovered last year.

You can purchase this from most drugstores such as 
Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc.

Once you've got your sunscreen applied then let's pack your beach bag.
Here are some great beach bag options.
Look at this one from Initials Inc.
I purchased this one a few months ago in a different pattern.  I will be using it for the first time
this weekend so I'll keep you posted.  It is very roomy and should hold the kids toys, sunscreen, 
towels and much more.

Looks like a good size!

Here is a fun option from Mud Pie.
Mud Pie also has several other cute options.

We can't head to the beach or pool without a pair of

Here is an affordable pair of sunglasses that are very
durable by Calcutta. This is exactly what I need without the high price.

These come in a few different styles; so be sure
to browse.  You really can't beat them for the price of only $22.99

This pair of aviator sunglasses are from American Eagle.
These are inexpensive also at $15.95.
These are similar to Ray-Bans, but without the high price.

If you're planning on being out soaking up the sun for a while you will need a

This monogrammed floppy hat is super cute!
I have one and it comes in handy when you are trying to keep your face
out of the sun.

A sun visor is a must to have in your beach bag.
I found this cute one by Vineyard Vines.

Last, but not least is a good pair of

In N.C. you've gotta have a pair of RAINBOWS.

These are the best flip flops for your money!
They have many more different styles and colors.

Sanuks are also another popular flip flop.
The sole is like layers of yoga mats...very comfy.
Hurry and shop, Summer is almost here!

Have a great weekend! :-)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bathing Suit Season has ARRIVED!

I am ready to hit the beach this weekend, 
but not so ready to put on a bathing suit.
So with Memorial Day quickly approaching I thought it 
would be great to feature some bathing suits and accessories for
this holiday weekend.

I normally wear a simple bikini from Old Navy.  They are inexpensive
and fit my body type well.
I just recently purchased this one in a bright pink neon.
It's also fun to mix and match the colors and patterns.
Old Navy has several colors and patterns to choose from.

You could get the bottom that matches or mix it up with a solid color bottom.

If you're looking for something a little different than look no farther than at
They've got some really pretty options.
I found this one that caught my eye immediately and it's affordable.

I love the colors and pattern in this bikini!
So pretty!

One of my favorite colors this summer-Sunny Yellow!
You will definitely be noticed in this bright bikini!

If you are looking for a little more coverage-
this tankini from Nordstrom is a great option.

Looks very figure flattering!

Super cute!

Now let's view some swim suit cover ups!
This is one featured from Old Navy that comes in black and white.

This could be a cover up or a summer dress to wear out.

Well, I hope I've motivated you to find the perfect swimsuit for
your Memorial Day Weekend!
Don't forget your sunscreen!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun in the Summer Sun

Who's ready for some 
Fun in the Summer Sun?
Well, over here at the Parrish's...
we've been patiently waiting!

We can't even think about Summer until our
dance recital is complete!
My dance studio, Gotta Dance! has been working very 
hard for months practicing and preparing for our spring recital.
Our theme this year just so happens to be;
Fun in the Summer Sun!
It was a great theme with lots of fun songs about 
Summer, surfing and just having fun.

Since dance is such a huge part of our life I thought 
I would share some pics.
These are just a few group pics for you to catch a glimpse of what
I've been working so hard on!

I am so proud of each and every dancer.
They've all worked so hard.  It not only takes their practice, but
the help of their parents also.  Parents selfishly pay for dance lessons, costumes and sacrifice their time in order for their little girls to experience
the beautiful art and joy of dance.  And for that I am forever grateful!

This was the cover of our programs.

Our Gotta Dance! teachers and assistants.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication this dance season.  I couldn't have done it without you!

 We are too cute in our bright summer colors!

Check out these adorable mermaids.
They of course danced to, "Under the Sea," from the Disney
movie The Little Mermaid.

"Catch a Wave" 
Our cute Kinder Dance I class in their beautiful costumes.

 Beginner Jazz ready to shake a leg in their song,
"Heat Wave."

Take a wild guess- Yep, that's right!
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"

Intermediate Tap class looking amazing for,
"Walking on Sunshine."

Look at these hotties!
Advanced Jazz performed,
"Counting Stars."

My sweet Bailey was in this class.  She is on the bottom right.
Beginner Tap had the joy of performing to,
"Surf Crazy."

  4th of July is always fun in the Summer.
These cuties danced to,
"Yankee Doodle."

My absolute favorite costume- "Surf's Up."

Bailey is in this pic also.  She is on the top right.
These little ones tumbled to, "Wipe Out."

 For several years the Moms have been performing in the recital.
This year we danced to, "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot."

Beginner ballet looks beautiful for,
"Colors of the Wind."

 So proud of these girls that completed their 
first year of Pointe.
"Rock the Boat"
These girls know how to pose!
"Windows Down"

 Interemediate Jazz had fun performing to,
"School's Out."

 Advanced Ballet graced the stage dancing to,
"Come Away to the Water."

This is our first year having a Dad's Dance!
Talk about funny!
I had a fun idea for the Dads to perform to,
"Sharp Dressed Man," from the reality show, Duck Dynasty.
They loved dressing up like the characters from the show.
This was a super crowd pleaser!

We also celebrated our SENIOR,
Not only is she an awesome dancer, but she's my niece!
She did a tap solo to James Brown's upbeat jam,
"Get Up Off That Thing."
So proud of her and I know she will always 
keep DANCE close to her heart!

Madison and I took a quick pic after the show.
I am so proud of her because she performed her first solo.
She did a tap solo to, "Runaway Baby," by Bruno Mars.
She did great!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our dance recital weekend!
I think we are definitely ready NOW for some,
"Fun in the Summer Sun!"