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Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am so thankful that it is COLD outside!!!
There are certain times of the year that I like for it to be cold and 
Thanksgiving is definitely one of them!
It doesn't happen often here in eastern N.C. so I'm gonna 
be sure to enjoy it!
I found this poem and thought it was perfect for Thanksgiving!

Best Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is here, so our minds have turned
To what time has taught us, to what we've learned:
We often focus all our thought
On shiny things we've shopped and bought.
We take our pleasure in material things,
Forgetting the pleasure that friendship brings.
If a lot of our stuff just vanished today,
We'd see the foundation of each happy day
Is special relationships, constant and true,
And that's when our thoughts go directly to you.
We wish you a Thanksgiving you'll never forget,
Full of love and joy—your best one yet!
By Joanna Fuchs

I am so thankful for my wonderful family & friends!
Most importantly I'm thankful for my salvation.
God sacrificed his only son, Jesus so that we may have
everlasting life. 

I hope you and your family have the 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

It's Thanksgiving Eve!
Soon we'll have our bellies all full and then it will be time to

So, lets see what's happening on 

Listed are some deals that I think are pretty great if you are willing to fight the crowd!

Target has the iPAD Air for $479 plus you get a $100 Target Gift Card.

Target also has the Chi Air Flat Iron with a a bonus Mini Chi.
You also receive a $20 Target Gift Card.

Love this Puffer Jacket in Silver from J.C. Penney.

Love this color!!! From J.C. Penney also!

Okay, enough shopping!
Bailey had her Thanksgiving class party on Tuesday and she looks super adorable
in her turkey hat.

Emma came in this morning with the cutest little hats for them to wear!
Thanks to Emma's grandma!

What is Skippy up to now?

Time to get my bake on!
Got a few desserts to prepare for tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Parade Fun and Some Dessert!

La Grange had their annual 
Christmas Parade on Sunday.
Yes, Sunday...the coldest day thus far of the year!
The high was 39 and it was very windy!
Thanks to Southern Bank we had 
a very nice float to ride on.  I figured with the 
temperature at -10 degrees that not many would come out to the parade, but
there was a great crowd.
So thankful for the all the girls that came out to ride in this chilly winter weather.

Bailey and I got all bundled up in several layers to go ride in the parade.

Bailey had a hard time buttoning her pants with so many layers on.

Little Miss Mallory thinks she's grown!

Our elf is in a new spot each morning.
Take a look.

Skippy had Bailey a surprise with a letter telling her to OPEN.

She was tickled with her Elf on the Shelf game.  It is a little elf on a shelf that you take turns hiding and he sings until you can find him.  

Skippy enjoyed playing the game also.

Who's excited about Thanksgiving?
I know I am.
I'm ready to eat some turkey & dressing, ham, cranberry sauce, corn, yams and some yummy desserts!
 Here is a super easy, but yummy dessert to share with your family this year.
You will need:
1 Cup Sugar
2-8oz Cream Cheese
1 container of Cool Whip.
1-Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Mix together sugar and cream cheese with a mixer until well blended.
Then mix in the cool whip.  
Once all ingredients are blended together; simply pour into your pie crust.
Refrigerate for 1 hour and ready to serve.
Also delicious with your favorite toppings such as caramel, cherries or strawberries.

Friday, November 22, 2013


What helps you get in the Christmas spirit better than some great
I want to share my Top 10 most favorite 
Christmas songs with you and hopefully this will help you find your 
Christmas cheer.

#10  You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

Now I know this is probably not your typical idea of a favorite Christmas song, but
I love this song.  One of my groups will be dancing to it when we go to 
perform at the nursing home.  And yes someone will be dressed up in green with 
the Grinch mask and all!!!!  I'll be sure to share pics very soon!

#9 Where are you Christmas? by Faith Hill
This is also from the Grinch movie.
Very slow, but beautiful song that I always enjoy during the Holidays.

#8 Rocking Around the Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee

I've just always loved this song.  It makes me want to get up dance.

#7 Jingle Bell Rock- Bobby Helms

Always a fun Christmas song to enjoy in the car and sing with the kids.
My girls and I may or may not dance and sing in the car!!!!

#6 Grown-Up Christmas List- Amy Grant

This is a beautiful song that has a great message of what 
Christmas should be about.

#5 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Michael Buble'

I love Michael Buble' so of course I had to include a few of
his songs from the Christmas CD.

#4 Holly Jolly Christmas-
Love Michael Buble's version of this Christmas classic also.

#3 Santa Baby- Kellie Pickler

I had to give this N.C. girl a shout out with her take on the classic,
Santa Baby! 

#2 God Speaking- Mandisa

There is a popular Christmas play/cantata called God Speaking that our 
church is doing this year.  This song is beautiful because it has a powerful message
for everyone at Christmas- to seek and listen to God.

#1 Christmas Shoes- Mercy Me
I know this is a little depressing song, but it's my favorite.
Our church also did the Christmas shoes play several years ago and it 
 sends a great message for all to hear during Christmas.

So there you have it, my TOP 10 FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS!

Before you go, I want to share a few pics.
Madison had an 
last night for Volleyball.

We are so proud of Madison! She did great this volleyball season!

Madison with one of her best volleyball buds, Alison.
I'm sure you're wondering what 
been up to.

Here he is laid back taking it easy on the stair railing.

I was able to snap a pic before school.

Skippy's favorite spot is in the Christmas tree!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best Friends

It's almost Thanksgiving and I would like to take a moment to mention a
sweet family that I am so thankful for:
Drum Roll Please
They are an awesome family of 5.
McClain &  Kendi 
have 2 boys, Warren and Blake and 1 daughter, Emma.
This family moved on our street about a year ago and 
from day 1-Emma and my Bailey have been inseparable!
Bailey began playing with Emma when she would visit with her
Grandparents, Ken & Teresa Eason who live just down the street from us.
Bailey was thrilled to have someone to play with other than her older sister
all the time.  Bailey is very shy and reserved, but not so much around Emma.
We were thrilled when we found out the Davis's would be moving closer.

These girls are back and forth from the Davis's house, to Ken & Teresa's house and back to ours 
all summer long and most weekends!  I wouldn't have it any other way!
I am so thankful that Bailey has such an awesome friend with an 
amazing God loving family.
Praying for their friendship and what the Lord has in store for them.

Now enjoy some pics of these two sweet girls!

Bowling Fun!

Hat Day at School!

Krispy Kreme...enough said!!!

These two love Mac-n-Cheese, Gatorade and YooHoo's!!!!

Fridays we always head to Bojangles before school!

Twins!!! Thanks to Kendi for their matching shirts!

Who's got rabbit ears???
Silly girls!

Also, Emma's mother and grandmother have their own baking business.

They bake yummy cupcakes, cakes, pies and all kinds of sweet stuff.
With Thanksgiving just a week away and Christmas approaching now is the time
to place your orders. Let them slave in the kitchen while you
finish up your shopping and spend quality time with your family.

To place your order call: 919-330-8989
or email:

This was Bailey's birthday cake, courtesy of Sweetie Pies!
Not only beautiful, but delicious!

Perfect desserts for the Holidays!

Let's see where we found Skippy this morning.

He's been hiding out in Bailey's stocking all day!
Wonder where he will be tomorrow?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Special Visitor Arrives and some Christmas Gifts!

Guess who arrived at our house???
Our Elf on the Shelf!

Bailey was super excited when she found 
Skippy hiding out in the living room.

Bailey loves Skippy and enjoys his company!

We took a quick pic with Skippy before we left for school.
That's one happy girl!

It's been kind of hot here the past few days.
I don't know about you, but it's almost Thanksgiving and I want need 
it to be COLD!!!  So mother nature if you're listening; please
see what you can do about this!!!

Here are a few pieces of clothing that would be great for 
Fall/Winter if the weather ever gets cool and stays cool!

Check out this Chunky Knit Moto Jacket from Loft.
It's $98 with 40% off right now!

Love this Peplum top from Loft also.  
Comes in 4 different colors.
It's $39.50 with 40% off.

I actually have this exact comfy scarf from Old Navy.

These are super comfy snowmen pajama pant from Old Navy.

From Gap is this Herringbone Puffer Vest.
It's $88 with 35% off.
Out of stock in all sizes, but XL. 

If you are working on your Christmas list then be sure to add these great finds.
They would make great gifts!
The high today should be around 57 degrees; 
so I'm excited to maybe dress like it's Fall.

Prayers going up for all those affected in the horrible storms and tornadoes in 
the Midwest.