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Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbye January!

So happy to say 
It's just not one of my favorite months!
It came and went pretty quick.
Thank you!

Even though I'm not all about January,
it's been pretty good to us!

Let's take a quick look back!

Bailey started piano lessons and she loves it!

Madison killed her first deer all by herself.
Daddy is so proud!

Luckily it was on a teacher workday!

Madison participated in her first volleyball tournament for 2014.

We had a lot of Starbucks in January!

This time the kiddos will have 4 days they will have
to make up.  We had a blast, but make up days are no fun!

This doesn't happen a lot in eastern N.C. so when 
it does everything shuts down and we eat lots of 

The girls have played hard this week;
now they're resting up for a 
Fantastic February!

See you back here next week!
Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


We got SNOW again exactly a week later!
On Monday the temps were in the 60's.  
It was perfect weather to get you in the fever for Spring,
but once again they were predicting snow
for eastern N.C.
No joke, I wore flip flops on Monday!
On Tuesday morning I searched far and wide for Madison & I
a pair of snow boots. I lucked up at K-mart.

This time they were calling for some sleet and a lot of snow!
Our meteorologists, I won't name any names (Les and Skip) have a difficult time                        getting this stuff correct.
It was exactly the opposite--a lot of sleet and a little bit of snow,
but hey, us southerners will take what we can get!

Our world really does shut down when snow happens!
The hubby stayed home from work.
We started our day with a yummy breakfast; 
courtesy of the hubby.
After breakfast the girls were ready to 
play in our winter wonderland.
So we did what everyone else in La Grange does- we headed to 
the over pass.  We packed up all our sleds went our for some fun.

I snapped this pic of the road by our house.
The roads really are slick.

Here's the hubby!
He thinks I'm crazy for blogging and taking so many pics!

Guess who- It's Bailey

Madison had a blast at the over pass.

Mama did too! 
Bailey and I went down the hill several times!

Madison has no fear!

The Crew!
Ready to Race!

We came back home for some more snow fun.
These two loved being pulled behind the 4-wheeler on the sled. 

They did this for a few hours!

It was a great day!
One that I hope my girls will remember for many years!

Happy SNOW day from our home to yours!
Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Weekend!

First let me start by saying 
Sean & Catherine!

Their wedding was beautiful!

Ok, now on to our fun weekend.
We started our weekend on Friday evening
going out to eat with these crazies at Pizza Villa.

Madison had a few girls spend the night.
Bailey tries to stick right with them.

After Pizza Villa we spent the rest of our Friday night
at Volleyball practice. 

I snapped this picture early Saturday morning.
All 4 girls sound asleep on Madison's queen size bed!
That just can't be comfortable!

On Saturday all us girls went to Goldsboro for some retail therapy.
While I tried to shop, Bailey took selfies!

What's a shopping day without Starbucks?!?!

Bailey finally got to spend some time with her B.F.F. Emma.
Saturday night we enjoyed La Flama in La Grange.

Bailey dressed for church.
This dress was my niece Taylor's and Madison also wore it when she
was younger.

Last weekend I brought Bailey back this little dog, Boo.
She requested her pic with him on Sunday!

It was a great weekend!
We had very little snow last week, but
this week they are calling for quite a bit more.
So what do these southerners do when the "S" word is
mentioned...that's right!
We head straight to the grocery store for
bread and milk!

My friend Kendi posted this on her Instagram page and 
it cracked me up!
So True!!!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Friday, January 24, 2014


We had our first and probably only 
SNOW DAY for 2014
on Wednesday!

On Tuesday the temps were still in the low 60's, but 
later Tuesday evening they were calling for some 
snow flurries. 
So I did what everyone else in eastern N.C. did when there
is even the slightest chance of snow--
I went to the grocery store and got a few necessities such as
bread, milk, sugar and some snacks!

  It began snowing around 9 p.m.
in Bucklesberry, but it did not look promising.
Luckily, Wednesday was a teacher workday... so no worries 
for school. 
 We didn't receive the blizzard that I had hoped for, but
the ground was covered Wednesday morning when we woke up.  
We had a nice steady snow for most of the morning.

So me and the girls decided we should bundle up and head out in it.

I love these two snow bunnies!

Bailey loving on Madison!
These sisters really do love each other and I am so thankful!

Here is a great pic that shows the amount of snow we got!

Snow Angels!

Madison teaching Bailey how to pack the snow to make a perfect snow ball!
Bailey is practicing!

Madison's jump in mid air!

And of course no snow day would be complete without 
Oh, how I loved this as a child and times haven't changed too much, 
because I still love it!

The snow came and went pretty quick, but we enjoyed it while 
it lasted!

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Madison and I spent the weekend in Winston Salem at 
a dance convention called

It is a faith based ministry with JESUS as their main focus.
Their goal is to IMPACT dancers from the, "inside-out!"
Our journey began Friday as we packed up and 
headed for a weekend full of... well we just weren't sure what to 
expect since this was our first time?!?!?!!!!!

Our first stop was lunch at 
Cracker Barrell!

We enjoyed breakfast for lunch!
After lunch of course we had to do some quick shopping then
we were on our way.

This was a last minute decision for us to attend so there were not 
any rooms at the Embassy or Marriott where DR took place.
We stayed down the road at the Wingate.
Very nice hotel, but would've been nice to be at the hotel
where all the action was happening.

We quickly got registered and our 
DR experience was about to begin!
Friday evening began with a fun dance party where 
everyone dressed in white.

It even snowed!!!!!

After the dance party Madison and I headed to Target & Starbucks!
It was just too early to go back to the hotel.

Things got started for us early Saturday morning.
We awoke around 6 a.m. to eat breakfast and begin
our DR experience.
At 8 a.m. we all met for their 
Dynamic Devotion which consisted of prayer,
some very artistic inspirational dances and 
some encouraging words to begin our day.
On the left is Michelle Brogan: Director of Dance Revolution
She lead the devotion.  Here she is announcing two teachers whose flights were
delayed the night before.

Madison and I then separated and went to our dance classes.
She participated in the Senior Group and I went to the Teacher Classes.
There were lots of dancers in Madison's classes, but not so many in the teacher's classes.
I participated in Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tribal Funk and a Marketing Class.
All of the classes were very informative about incorporating Jesus and your 
faith into your dance classes at home.

In between classes I would come and check on Madison!

I found Ms. Shannon taking in some fun choreography!

Some of the dancers in Madison's classes. 
This is just one group.

After classes we rushed back to shower and change clothes.
We came back in time to enjoy the DR SHOWCASE.
Studios can bring dances to showcase which are usually inspirational pieces
to christian music.  There were several numbers and everyone did a
great job! 

There was also a special guest appearance by an upcoming musical artist,
A.J. Wray.
He has just recently signed with Jonas and Disney.

Madison was able to get a pic with him!
He's cute!

Sunday morning, Madison had a difficult time getting up!
I finally got her up and we packed all up to check out of the hotel then headed back to DR for 
our last day.
We began at 9 a.m. with, "SOUL JAM."
It was an awesome worship service.  I feel pretty sure like nothing
you're used to at home, definitely not for us anyway!
DR's performers had an amazing production called, 
We then headed to some more dance classes.

Madison and I took a break for some Starbucks!

After Dance Class!

DR was amazing and I am ready for next year.
I have high hopes to take some dancers next year!

Happy Thursday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Deer Jerky

If you remember on January 1st,
Madison killed her first deer.

A few days later, Daddy got to work on that deer meat 
making some Deer Jerky!

He went and purchased some jerky equipment and got right to it!

Here the jerky is in the dehydrator.
Believe it or not; 
it's pretty yummy!!!

He made a mess in my kitchen,
but he  cleaned it up!
He really didn't have a choice! :-)

The dehydrator looks pretty neat.
I think I might try making some dried fruit with it!
I'll keep you posted.

Have a blessed weekend!