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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites: Let's Shop!

Welcome to the greatest day of the week!
I'm linking up today with 
Andrea, Erika & Narci for my
Friday Favorites!

Let's SHOP!!!
I've been on the hunt for a leather backpack and found this one at Nordstrom.
It also comes in black and is only $44.95
CLICK HERE for backpack.

Just ordered these Jack Rogers and they are on SALE!
CLICK HERE for sandals.

Recently purchased these wedges and I LOVE THEM!
Not the best pic to feature the wedges, but here I am wearing them...very comfy!
Looks great with everything!
CLICK HERE for wedges.

How cute is this romper at Target!
CLICK HERE for romper.

I've been on the search for a fun bathing suit cover up.  This one is comfy and fun!
CLICK HERE for cover up.

I found this fun hair product that helps bring out those summer beach waves.
Works great!
CLICK HERE for product.

How about this Kate Spade watch.
It's on sale right now for a steal.
CLICK HERE for watch.

Always fun shopping from the comfort of your home!

If you want something fun to do this weekend...head over to the movies to see
The Longest Ride.
I went a couple of weeks ago with a friend and it is soooooooooooo good!!!

Happy Friday!
April :)

Keep up with me everyday!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prom 2015

On Saturday my oldest daughter, Madison
had the pleasure of attending her 
boyfriend's prom.
I seriously can't believe she is old enough to go to a prom...where did the time go!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you've already had a pic overload, but I wanted to share here also.

Before prom Madison and I hosted an event at the studio with Olaf and Elsa.  Madison was Elsa.
Elsa had a spray tan just a few days before since it was prom weekend.
All of the kids had lots of fun!
I of course wanted a pic with these fun 
Frozen characters!

Just as soon as the event wrapped we rushed to get Madison's hair and make-up done.
We rushed again to get home to get Madison ready including ourselves because we would be taking lots of pics!

 We took a few pics before the chaos began!

This girl is my rock!!!  I say this all the time because it is so TRUE...She is Beautiful on the inside and out!!

Landon(Madison's boyfriend) arrived and his parents came also to take pictures. 
 Sharp dressed man!!!

 He came to the front door and his mother, Shannon and I immediately went to snapping pics.

 They were both a little nervous with so many eyes watching them.  He proceeded to put on her corsage.

 Madison trying to pin on his boutonniere.

 We came back inside for a few more pics.

 Mom and Dad with the cute couple.

 Grandma Dora & PaPa Eugene stopped by to see this beauty off to prom.

Landon is the perfect gentleman!

Off to our next location for more pics.

 We arrived and Grandma Sandra was there to see her beautiful granddaughter all dressed up with her date.
 Got to get a pic with Bailey.

 I told them to look at each other and they of course got a good laugh about it.

 Bailey is sticking right with her Sissy as long as she can.

 My favorite pic!

 The sun was so bright they had a difficult time 
keeping their eyes open.

 The other cute couple--double date to prom!

 Bailey couldn't keep her eyes open.
Love my girls!

 Family prom pic.

 The best looking couple at question about it!

And finally their off!!!
Prayers to these kids and so many others that will be traveling to prom and other memorable events as this school year comes to a close.  Praying for their daily decisions in life and most importantly that they will seek GOD first.
Our children are only small for a short time and it is up to us as parents to guide and direct them.  The best that I can do is pray for and with my girls.

I am happy to report that Madison and Landon had a great time at prom!

April :)
Keep up with me everyday!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Fun

We've had a wonderful Easter weekend!
On Saturday we went to the park where they
had lots of fun stuff. 
 Madison talked Bailey into doing the rock climbing wall with her.  They didn't get up too far!

 We stopped by the mall to pick up some Easter goodies and of course Bailey always wants to ride 
the horse.

 When we got back home I was super excited because my CONVERSES finally arrived!

 I immediately put them on!
How cute are they?!?!
Click HERE for my jean jacket.
Click HERE for my black/white striped dress.
Click HERE for the Converses.

We went for a bite to eat and I wore them with
jeans and a cute top.
Click HERE for top.
Click HERE for jeans.
Click HERE for Converses.
Madison and her friends are always posing like this...
not sure why, but she wanted me to do it so here you go!!!

Saturday evening my crew enjoyed a wonderful church service then we grabbed a bite to eat.

 Easter Sunday arrived and our family celebrated the risen Savior.  Jesus LIVES!  We have fun with treats from the Easter bunny, egg hunts and dressing up, but the TRUE meaning of this holiday is
the FACT that JESUS LIVES!  
The tomb could not hold him and he lives so that everyone can have everlasting life.  I pray that you know Christ as your personal savior; if you don't please feel free to email me and I will be glad to talk with you about what GOD has and can do for you. 

 My girls got a little something from the Easter bunny.

 Happy girls with their Easter baskets & bed heads!

 These two girls are my world.
Love them so much and the fact that they love each other so much.

 I picked Bailey's dress out and was so worried she wouldn't like it, but thankfully she loved it.
This is probably the last Easter she will let me dress her up like this.  

I love this dress on Madison.
She looks beautiful.

 No pics with the hubby :(
He had to leave a little early for church.

 Sunday school was lots of fun for the kids.
My sweet friend, Sara teaches Sunday school and she had the neatest visual for the kids to enjoy and eat this Easter Sunday.
Plates with the scripture from Luke 24:2 written on them and half a donut to represent the tomb.

 Sweet Avery posing while working on hers.

 Here is a good pic of the plate with the donut representing the tomb.

 Bailey placed a donut hole in front of the tomb to represent the stone.  The kids could remove the stone just as the scripture says.  The kids made several and took them around to other Sunday school classrooms.

 Picture time with these cuties in their Easter best.

Bailey and Avery posing for pics again!

 After church it was time for the annual
Easter Egg Hunt.

 Madison helped Bailey find eggs.

We ran home to change clothes and then it was off to visit and eat with grandparents.
Bailey posed for a quick pic at Grandma Dora's house.

We enjoyed family and fellowship.
These pics will be all we'll have one day along with wonderful memories to cherish!

I encourage each of you reading today to trust and truly know the one and only Jesus Christ that died on the cross for you and for me. He then arose on the third day so that everyone may have eternal life.
If you are unsure today and have questions I would love to help you!

Keep up with me everyday.
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