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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday!

It's been a great week here in Bucklesberry!

We had a rough start to our week due to Bailey being
a little under the weather, but now Friday is here and that's all that matters.
Bailey has decided to follow in her big sister's footsteps and
play volleyball.
She had her first practice this week.

Check her out!
She is wearing some of Madison's old knee pads.
We are so excited!

Perfect volleyball stance.
Of course dance helps with that!
She is the youngest on her team, but 
hoping that she can practice and learn a lot from this first experience!

Madison finally finished with Driver's Ed this week.
Classes were postponed for several days due to the snow.
She passed her test on Monday so now she just needs to drive.

I really can't believe that in May she will receive her driving permit.
Where has the time gone?
This summer she'll be driving us around everywhere and this 
truly scares me. Please start praying for us NOW!!!

I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring is calling my name!

While we were in Greensboro this weekend we briefly 
stopped by the mall for some retail therapy.
We literally only had like 30 minutes so Michelle
and I used our time wisely!

First and only stop was none other than...
JC Penney.
I found several pieces that would be great for 
beautiful spring weather.

Gingham is going to be big this spring.
This shirt would be a great transition into spring.
Love that this shirt would look great with so many things.
On Sale: $19.99

How about this adorable Anchor shirt.
You could dress this up or down for spring and or summer.
Only $16

I love this green mixed print!
This would look great with navy shorts, white shorts, capris and
so much more.

This comfy top would work great for spring.
Just throw this on with some cute capris or wear with shorts.
On sale $19.99

We then headed to Target before they closed!

This navy polka dot shirt would look amazing 
with some hot pink shorts or capris.
Clearance Online-$13.78

I found this outfit on pinterest.
Navy and hot pink are great together!

While searching for hot pink shorts I found this!
Definitely getting my shorts mongrammed for the spring.

I located these pink twill shorts at OLD NAVY.
They come in several different colors!
Sold online-$19.94

Adorable shirt from Target with sail boats.
They also have this in a sleeveless top.

Right now if you spend $75 or more on women's clothing, shoes and accessories you receive
20% off.

Just in case you didn't notice...
I'm ready for Spring!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy Volleyball Weekend

We've had a great, but busy weekend!
So let's get right to it!

We started our Friday with our normal
breakfast run to Bojangles!


Around lunch on Friday Madison texted me this picture.

Madison and her friend, Elizabeth received
Student of the Month Awards.
I am so proud of Madison.
I pray that she will continue to be an example to others
and strive to do her very best!

After school on Friday we packed up and headed to
Greensboro for another 
Volleyball Tournament!
It's always lots of fun to meet up with the other team mates
and their parents at the hotel then we usually grab a bite to eat before
settling in for the night.

On Saturday we were up bright and early
for our fun filled day of volleyball.

Brooklynn and Madison getting some sugar from Bailey in between games!

Bailey makes her rounds with the team.  Here she 
is sitting with one of the Spence twins, Elizabeth!

So thankful that my girls love each other and show it!
During lunch they shared some lovin'.

Brooklynn and her Mama, Michelle.
Brooklynn is Madison's partner in crime and well...
Michelle is mine! :-)

Gene just can't hang with an entire day of volleyball, 
so here he is on the floor napping!

Mrs. Breyl french braided every one's hair including
this cutie right here!

Our team played well, but we lost!
Hoping to make our come back in a few weeks at the next tournament.
We stopped at Cracker Barrell on the way home with
the Spence twins and Brooklynn!

Sunday after church we stayed outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Poor Bailey has had a stuffy nose and sore throat this weekend.
She's been running a low grade fever. Please keep her in your
prayers this week.

Friday night Michelle(Brooklynn's mom) and I stopped by the mall in
Greensboro for some retail therapy.
Be sure to check back tomorrow and see some
of the spring staples I talked Michelle into purchasing!

Have a blessed Monday!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Not only is it Friday, but it's also
That makes it so much sweeter!

Last night my girls were begging to open up their little
gifts we got them; so we gave in and had a small
party of opening gifts in the living room before bed.

Bailey got a stained glass art project!
I honestly think she was expecting more along
the lines of Christmas morning.
Regardless, she said she liked it!

Madison got a wrist wallet with some $$$$.
I think she liked it!

Gene got this Honda long-sleeve t-shirt that he's
been hinting around about!

Daddy loved his sweet card from Madison!
She jumped in his lap like Bailey does!

I seriously left Bailey alone for a couple of minutes for her to write
in her Valentine's card for Daddy and I come back and 
she has addressed it to, "Gene"...what in the world are we gonna do with her?????

It was so sweet what she wrote inside!!!
"I Love You Daddy, God Loves You Too!

My whole world!
Happy Valentine's Day from
our sweet family to yours!


We've been snowed in AGAIN for a few days here in eastern N.C.
We NEVER get snow and this is the 3rd time this year!
They cancelled school for 3 days and now kids have to 
go to school this Saturday.

So we were very lazy again and had a lot of snow cream!

Here is a picture on Tuesday across the road from our house.
It really is pretty!

Our Snow Cream Ingredients!!!

Taking it easy in my bed with her snow cream!

They love it!

The snow is beautiful, but
I'm ready for SPRING!!!

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Busy Weekend Fun!

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These girls keep us pretty busy during the week and the weekends!

On Friday, Bailey had a 9 weeks 
Awards Program!
So thankful that we were able to attend and support our little sweetheart.

Bailey received a few awards and we are so proud of all her
accomplishments so far in the 1st grade.

Friday night Madison had a couple of friends to spend the night;
so we treated them to Pizza Villa. 
I played dress up while I waited for the hubby to get home from
squirrel hunting.

Here I am wearing the necklace I won from
Pinterest Told Me To's Blog.

Afterwards we came back home to head to bed, because we had to rise and shine
very early to travel to Fayetteville for a volleyball tournament.
But before bed we made a chocolate chip cookie cake for
Brooklynn. On Saturday she celebrated her 
Sweet 16th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Doodle Bug!!!

Brooklynn, Madison and Katherine enjoying their cookies!

So much for these girls getting up at 5 a.m. They went right back to sleep in the truck.

Bailey getting some love from Daddy at our breakfast stop at McDonald's.

Gene got his baby fix!
Brooklynn's nephew came to watch her play some volleyball.
Ain't he so sweet!

Gene catching some Zzzzzz's in between games.

After several hours of volleyball;
we started to get a little silly!

Our volleyall team- LC Fusion getting some tips from the coach!
Overall our girls did great.
We won 1 out of 3 games.

On Sunday morning on our way to church we spotted this
fox squirrel in our neighbor's yard.

We stopped by Grandma Sandra's to visit before her
foot surgery on Monday. Bailey got into some of Grandma's jewelry!

Sunday night at our house!
Madison doing some homework and 

making her Valentine's for her class party on Friday!

Great weekend spent with my family.
Please keep my mom in your prayers this week as 
she is undergoing foot surgery this morning.

Have a great week!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Valentine's Day Treats!

Valentine's Day 
is a week away!
Have you purchased your sweet
Valentine's cards & candy for your dear loved ones???

Some people may go all out for this day, but
we keep it pretty simple over at the Parrish's.
I normally purchase a little something
for the girls and a sweet card and $$$ for the hubby.
I am usually working on Valentine's, but since it's on a 
Friday this year we may actually get to enjoy it as a family.
We'll see?!?!

I was in need of some ideas for cute Valentine's so headed right over to 
dear Pinterest!
Here are some fun Valentine's you can make with your family to 
give out to friends.

These are so cute and super easy!

If you have a little girl like I do then you know that these wonder loom 
bracelets are so popular.
What a neat idea!

There's nothing better than Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears!
Too Cute!

 All kids love bubble gum!

There are so many creative ways to send Valentine's!
Just have fun with it!

Have a blessed weekend!