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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

Let me just start by saying...
I'm just a little proud of myself!
Today is the 
of my blogging journey!
I set out to do something and 
With 126 posts this year it's been a great learning experience and
I continue to learn as this blog grows.

Now on to some family stuff...
 After school  the girls enjoyed carving their pumpkins!
Bailey has been asking for a couple of weeks to do this and we finally found time.

 The hubby always does a good job helping the girls carve their pumpkins.

 Bailey had the most fun digging the seeds and stuff out of her pumpkin.

Bailey's facial expression here cracks me up!!!
She's a mess!!!

 So proud of her pumpkin.

Madison is still a kid at heart because she had just as much fun!
Before supper we went for a little walk.
Probably won't be doing much walking after surgery for a few weeks; so 
I felt the need to get out while I still can.
 Bailey rode her bike and I tried to keep up with her.
Madison left us in the dust on her evening run!
I enjoy walking/running with my girls and am looking forward to after
surgery so we can get back to enjoying our activities.

I had a few emails yesterday asking where I purchased my scarf from.
Click HERE for my exact scarf.
Super comfy!

Happy Wednesday
Happy 1 Year Anniversary 
to the BLOG!!!
Read HERE from my first blog post a year ago today.

I would love for you to keep up with me everyday.

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