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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cross Country Road Trip- Days 3 and 4

I'm back today to share with you more family fun from
our Cross Country Road Trip!
If you missed Days 1 and 2

Now on to Days 3 and 4...
We hit the road again early Sunday morning to make
our way to 

I'm a huge PIONEER WOMAN fan and so when we were planning this
trip I told the hubby I would love to visit her new restaurant/store and 
of course he's very familiar with the motto, 
"Happy Wife, Happy Life!"
We arrived in Pawhuska, Ok 
or more like the
middle of no where Sunday evening.
I seriously thought we lived in a small town, but
Marlboro Man & Ree got me beat!
Needless to say, I loved this small town!

 We quickly checked into our 
Bed & Breakfast that we would be staying at for the night.
It was super cute and right there in town walking distance
from the Mercantile.

We stayed at the Wah-Zha-Zhi House
and loved it!

Bailey watches the Pioneer Woman's cooking show with me a lot so 
we were super excited!

After unpacking it was time to do a little exploring.
Little did we know that just down the road was this
Tall Grass Prairie Preserve.
 After driving for what seemed like forever on a dirt path we finally
found tons of bison. We had to stop many times to let them cross in front of us.

 A selfie with the bison...because why not?!

Monday morning arrived and we were ready for breakfast at 
the Mercantile.
We got there early so we did not have to wait in line too long.

Lots of pictures in front of THE MERCANTILE!
I could hardly wait to go inside!

Once we sat down we quickly decided we would get a little something for
breakfast and get back in line to eat lunch too!!!
Yep...we liked it that much!
Ree's adorable menus!

 On the menu it gave some details about the building and how
it came to be The Mercantile.  
It's beautiful inside and you can see 
Ree's special touch from the hardwood tables to the silverware...
yes the silverware was amazing too(I should've taken a pic-sorry).

My girls just as excited!

And the hubby was pretty impressed too!

There is also a Coffee bar where you can order yummy drinks.

 We ordered the cinnamon rolls and devoured them so 
we could quickly get back in line for lunch.

Well, actually the hubby waited in line while us girls
There was just so much to take in from kitchen accessories,
clothes, jewelry and so much more.
I seriously wanted EVERYTHING!!!

We ventured upstairs to the bakery.
It was a very cute set up where you could order and sit down 
to enjoy your treat!

I had to potty and yes I took a selfie in the bathroom!!!
It was the prettiest bathroom with cow pics and they had
CHARMIN!!! Yep...after traveling for a few days I was happy to 
use Ree's Charmin!!!

Before we knew it...
It was lunch time!
Madison & I ordered the PW Lasagna and 
Gene ordered the Marlboro Man Steak Sandwich.
Bailey shared with all of us and really we all shared eating off
each other's plates.  We just couldn't get enough.  
It was all delicious.
Sorry...I was too busy eating to take pictures!

This girl wanted a pic before we left with her American Girl doll.

An outside shot of their sign!
So in case I've not made myself clear enough...
You need to visit 
The Mercantile!

Before we left Pawhuska I wanted to see
the famous Drummond Ranch.

And yes...we got out of the truck and used the selfie stick to 
take a family pic with the Drummond Ranch.
At this point we had drove 1,232 miles so why not?!

It was a great day spent with my loves that I'm sure we'll remember
for many years!
Thanks Ree!

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Thanks for stopping by!
Come back tomorrow to see where our next detour is!



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