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Monday, January 19, 2015


Our weekend consisted of a lot of
We woke up very early Saturday morning for
Madison's volleyball tournament
in Greensboro.
A group selfie of us waiting for the 
Sportsplex to open their doors.

As soon as we got set up these two claimed their spots and played with their American Girl dolls.

Landon helped to entertain Bailey also.

 Sorry, pic is a little blurry.
Madison is serving here. Difficult to get a good pic of 
her in action!

 When Madison's team wasn't playing they were refereeing other volleyball games.
It is a big responsibility and very intimidating, but
it is important for them to learn.

While Madison was doing the score, 
Daddy took a nap.

When Daddy wasn't napping or running back and forth to the the truck for us girls he was eating pickles...well he only ate 1, but it was funny!
 A friend sitting with us went to the concession and came back with a dill pickle. Gene said he loved
pickles and would like to have one so our sweet friend, Tonya purchased Gene one.
I had no idea that my hubby liked pickles...WHAT?
So I just wanted a simple pic of him eating his pickle and he would not allow it.
He tried really hard to hide it and finally got up and left to enjoy his pickle in peace... 

or so he thought!
I got a's not clear, but hey I got it!
We all had a good laugh!

Then it was back to playing volleyball.
These girls did great.  So proud of them.
They won the first game, then the second and then the third...
They ended up playing 7 games and won them all which made them 
in this tournament!
 The Yellow team came in 2nd. 

Coach Lee putting the 1st place medal on Madison.

 She's all smiles!
What a great day!

 These girls worked together and it paid off.

 Not sure what this pose is, but they did and I took
their pic.

So great to have friends to experience this with!

Don't judge us moms...This is what 10 hours of 
cheering our girls on looks like!!!

Bailey says... Peace Out!

It was a very long day, but so worth it!

Sunday Selfie!

Happy Monday Friends!
Make this week a great one!

Keep up with me everyday.

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