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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Family Get-Away: Ski Trip

The past few days have been wonderful!
On Monday our crew left for a family ski get-away.
 Me with my crazies on the road.
The girls were so excited!

 We stopped for a much needed bathroom break
and scored some Starbucks!
Bailey entertained us by singing with her microphone!

We arrived at Wintergreen Ski Resort around
3 p.m. Monday afternoon.
We checked in and quickly got to the condo to 
begin layering on the clothes.

 Our condo turned out to be great!
When you book some of these places you just don't ever know what you are going to get...super happy
with this place!

 Perfect view from our balcony of the ski lift.
We were just a few steps away from the slopes which made it very easy for all of us.

 We began layering on the clothes so we could hit
the slopes.  Daddy picked on the gloves I purchased 
Bailey...they were a little big!

 Madison decided she would try snowboarding for
the first time.

Bailey is all bundled up and ready to ski!

 Daddy and Bailey on the ski lift.

 Madison and I on the ski lift!
After this trip she wouldn't ride on the lift with me
anymore...with her as a beginner with the snowboard and me with my hip it was just safer to ride separate.

 We were able to get Madison a private lesson with
one of the snowboard instructors.
It really helped and the instructor said Madison was a natural.  We couldn't believe how awesome she did 
for her first time ever snowboarding!

 She did excellent, but took a lot of falls.
Monday night her knee was very swollen.
We weren't so sure she would be able to continue on Tuesday.  After resting and a lot of ice she didn't let this stop her.  So proud of her for her determination!

 Ski Lift Family Selfie :)

This was only Bailey's second time skiing.
She was very cautious and stuck with Daddy the 
entire time. 
The hubby and I thought we might be the only two
skiing on Tuesday, but Bailey stuck with it and did great also!
She was a Daddy's girl the entire trip.

Bailey and I together fixing to get off of the ski lift...we are both a little scared!
We did great.

 Skiing works up quite an appetite!
We spent a lot of time eating.

 Bailey and Daddy love cheeze whiz and crackers.

 Relaxing waiting on breakfast.

The hubby and I made breakfast each morning.

 Selfie with my sweet hubby!

 Family pic...
I love my crew!

 Taking a break...

 and another break!!!

 I still can't get over how well this girl did!

 Waiting for my crew to get off the lift!

 Madison fell one time and Bailey came to her rescue...with a sweet kiss!
These girls melt my heart!

 My main squeeze!

 It of course decided to snow on Wednesday when we have to leave.

 And just like that it's over!
We had a great time and can't wait to come back.

 We stopped at our favorite spot for one more
family photo!

On the left is a pic in the same spot from 2013.
We've all changed a little.

I can't come to this spot without thinking about
my sweet Daddy.
We took a family ski trip with my parents in 2008.
Bailey was just a baby.
Great memories that I will always cherish.

Thanks for reading!
Keep up with me everyday.

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  1. I went to Wintergreen a few times with my youth group and it's so gorgeous there. I didn't care for the skiing, but the company and the views were always great. After seeing these pics, I want to go to the mountains!