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Friday, June 15, 2018


Happy Friday!!!
sheaffer told me to friday favorites
I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea 
to share some of my favorites not just from this week,
but the past month or so.
Playing catch up!

I love my little letter board and enjoy changing it
every few weeks.  Who else has dreams of summer 
never ending?
I found this letter board a few months back
at Target.

Madison graduated a few weeks ago from WCC with
an Associates in Arts. 

Madison decorated her cap for graduation!

And her next adventure is ECU where she will 
major in Elementary Education.

This past Sunday we celebrated our graduates and it
just so happens that 3 out of the 4 graduates were all from
my family. My nephew graduated high school and my 
niece graduated from college.
Our family is super proud of all of their accomplishments!

Our annual dance recital was so much fun.
One of Bailey's favorite classes is Hip Hop.

Madison graduated from high school last year, but
 I convinced her to dance 1 more year!
So glad she did!

One last dance pic of my girls together.

Bailey had  Awards Day on the last day of school.
She received the Honor Roll all year and the 
Trojan Award!
She also received 3rd place in the spelling bee at 
the Fine Arts competition.

From the first day of 5th grade to the last!
I can't believe she'll be in middle school in just a 
couple of months!

Summer isn't all fun & games at the Parrish house...
this little one wasn't too happy about learning to 
mow the grass.
She earned some spending money which 
helped make doing this job a little easier!

We took off for a few days at the beach with
friends and had a blast!

We love visiting the Aquarium!

A side by side comparison of several years ago 
visiting the Aquarium.
Why can't they just stay little?

Bailey had her first piano recital this week!
She did great!

Whether it's dance, jumping on the trampoline, making slime or
playing the piano...
it's always more fun with friends!
Bailey & Emma attended their piano lessons together each week
and have learned so much!

Mrs. Danielle is a great teacher and 
we really enjoyed the recital.
If you are local be sure to look up her studio on facebook,

We enjoyed a reception with refreshments and fun afterwards!

That's it for today!
Have a blessed weekend!



Thursday, May 31, 2018

Madison turns 19

How can this be?

I was just rocking her to sleep, making her lunch for school
and taking her to volleyball practice...

Today, she is 19!

I just can't believe it!
Madison is beautiful on the outside, but let me tell you
 that beauty runs deep on the inside too!
She's a loyal friend, loving sister, dedicated worker, a pet lover and 
the sweetest daughter we could ever ask for!
Like any teenager she's had her fair share of heart breaks and let downs, but
she handles things with the love of Jesus.

From then...

To Now...

She'll be a pirate in the fall and we can't wait to see what 
the future holds for her!

Today, we are going to spend some quality time together shopping and eating...what we do best!

Happy 19th Birthday
We love your till the counting numbers end!
You can always count on us to be there for you...
no matter what!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Church Girls Gone Wild- Steven Furtick Edition

This title is a little misleading because you are probably thinking
of some pretty bad things that we may or may not have 
gotten into, but truth be told we are 
3  christian-married ladies with wonderful husbands, children
that we dearly love and it was just time for a little break!

A few months ago my friend, Kendi sent me one of 
Steven Furtick's sermons and I didn't watch right away, because it
was like 58 minutes and lets be honest who has time to watch
a 58 minute video that your friend sends you.
I finally got around to watching it and was completely blown away.
This dude can bring the WORD!
I quickly began listening to older sermons from youtube while
I was on my daily walk or just around the house.
God has used this man to up build His kingdom in a mighty way!
People share his FB posts or sermons all the time and I just never took 
the time to listen, but I am so glad I did.

Kendi informed me that he has many churches across the country, but
he preaches mostly in Charlotte, N.C.
That's when I said, "LET'S GO!"
We planned a  girl's weekend get-away.

Charlotte is about 4 hours from the sticks where we live!
Our first stop about 2 hours in was none other than STARBUCKS!

Once we arrived we enjoyed Mellow Mushroom and 
some retail therapy.

Next stop was to find Elevation church.  
It was just minutes from our hotel.
We may have rode around the parking lot a few times taking 
it all in. 

We checked into our hotel and then thanks to that pizza we 
decided it would be best to burn some calories.
Kendi and I are doing some work out partnering...yeah,
Don't Ask!

We showered, went across the street to the Mexican restaurant for more food and of course went to a Target!
This is what I mean by church girls gone wild!!
Lots of food and shopping!
As we were pulling into the parking lot we all smelled something 
pretty nasty and we began looking at each other and blaming one another also
for passing along nature's bodily function- well Kendi immediately said it was the trees in the parking lot.  Yep, the Bradford Pear trees???...Sara and I just laughed that she would consider these beautiful trees 
the cause of this vulgar smell.
Well, the next day Sara saw a FB post of the above pic and we lost it!
I guess those trees really do stink! or we'll never actually know what
that smell was?!?!

Sara and I shared a bed, while Kendi had a bed all to herself.
She probably needed it with all that snoring!
I'm just stating the facts!

On Saturday, we took our sweet precious time getting ready and
 headed to the mall for more food and shopping!
Later, we changed and headed out for more food at the
Cheesecake Factory!

We waited a sweet forever and it was well worth it!

It was so good!

Sunday morning arrived and I enjoyed my coffee
right by myself while Sara & Kendi slept a few more minutes!
We got ready and could hardly wait to get to church!

We were attending the 9:30 service so we arrived around 8:20 to
get in line. 
People were so friendly.
A guy came up to ask if we were first timers and 
then we were immediately treated like royalty.

Davon was quick to welcome us and what a coincidence that
we are from the same stomping grounds. Davon and I graduated
from the same high school and he also graduated with 
Sara's husband. 
First time visitors receive VIP treatment.
We walked into Elevation and they sat us on the front row!

Can you spot us???

Church started with Elevation Worship and it was amazing!
They had a special musical tribute to Dr. Billy Graham that moved
us to tears.
Pastor Steven came out and preached the Word of God!
His message talked about how Jesus was a Savage!
Pastor Steven used scripture from Mark 1:1-15 and focused mostly on 
verse 10 in which Jesus comes up out of the water from being baptized
and he then sees a dove which represents the Holy Spirit coming down from
the heavens.  He explained how Jesus did not see the dove BEFORE his 
obedience, but AFTER.  Many times we want validation before we obey 
God's command, but it's only when we are obedient first that we will 
receive peace and validation!
Pastor Steven asked,
"Will you believe in the wilderness what God spoke in the waters?"
We must believe in HIS promises no matter where we are today.
Many of us are in the wilderness struggling through life's issues, but
God is there waiting for you to be obedient!
This is only a small portion of his message- I highly 
suggest you go watch it for your self!

The first service was so good we stayed for the 2nd.

It was an amazing weekend spent with 2 of my dear friends!
We are already excited about our next trip to Elevation!
For more information about:
 Elevation- Click HERE.
Pastor Steven Furtick-Click HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, February 2, 2018


Happy Friday Friends!
I'm linking up today today with 
to play catch up since it's been a sweet forever since I've blogged.

We had a wonderful Christmas here in Bucklesberry; therefore
it deserves lots of pics.

 We went to our all time favorite place, Mike's Tree Farm!
We got there super early and only waited in line for 30 minutes to 
get our bellies full of Mac-n-cheese!

Bailey and her friend were saying goodbye to their 5th grade 
teacher.  She moved with her husband to Tennessee.
Everyone is still missing her!

Bailey and I all festive for Church.
She is wearing one of Madison's skirts from when
she was little.  Bailey was not too happy about this.

We went to the Paramount Theater to watch,
It's a Wonderful Life.
Always a fun Christmas tradition.

A little Christmas shopping and eating with my girls.

Our elves are always up to something!

Bailey and I made some Christmas goodies.

Christmas Eve family selfie on the way to church.

We made cookies for Santa and left him a nice
cup of chocolate milk.

Bailey left a sweet note for the elves.
Always sad when we have to say goodbye.

And Christmas morning finally arrived!

Bailey's favorite gift was this record player.
She has really enjoyed it.

She also got this- Our Generation classroom set.

Madison finally got her big request- a camera.

She got some other cute things as well.

This girl loves music and singing.

Madison was ready to take pictures.

We enjoyed breakfast courtesy of my sister-in-law.
Such a sweet pic of Gene and his Dad before we ate.

Sweet sisters!

Then it was off to Grandma's girls look forward to 
this every year.
Grandma with a few of her grandkids.

My sweet Mama!

My Dad had a lot of old records so we went searching and found
a few for Bailey to take home.

Madison & Hunter all smiles.

My beautiful family that I am so thankful for!
What a great Christmas!

Great advice for 2018!

We celebrated New Year's Day with some
fried chicken and black eyed peas.

That same week we got a few inches of snow.
We were super excited!

So pretty!

We ventured to the "Hill" to enjoy sledding.
Snow much fun!!!

The weather is still cold here in Easter N.C.
Unusually cold if you ask me!

Anybody else glad to see January go?
Hello February!

Thanks for stopping by!