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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birthday Dinner!

After being cooped up in the house all day when my family arrived at 
home I was ready to go out for a little birthday dinner.
Well, to be completely honest...I wasn't ready, but I was
working on getting ready and we headed out to 
Just before we left the house Bailey spotted a little someone...
 It's Ginger, our girl-Elf on the Shelf.
If you haven't started this tradition with your family- you are seriously missing out.
Click HERE to purchase your very own Elf on the Shelf.
There is a special book and outfit for birthdays also.
Click HERE to see.
 Ginger showed up to surprise us for my birthday.
We are looking forward to when she returns with our other elf, Skippy for the holidays.

 We ate out at Outback.
Pic of my sweet girls!

 The hubby and I showing some birthday love!

 Bailey ordered ribs and she went on them things!!!
Until this happened...
All of the sudden she was in panic mode because she thought her tooth was going
to fall out.  She told us it hurt and could not finish eating.  She wouldn't let 
anyone touch it.  I finally talked her into going to the bathroom with me and
she allowed me to try and pull it out, but it wouldn't budge.
She was very upset and we went back to the table.

 She is not happy at all.
Of course after leaving I had to run a few errands.
Madison and I ran into Michael's real quick and 
Bailey and Daddy came in there to show me that
Daddy pulled her tooth out.
 She was so happy!
Daddy was pretty proud of himself as well.
Daddy promised her a surprise.
So we headed to Target.
Bailey had the best time pushing me around in a wheelchair.
The hubby enjoyed this also because I was not able to stop and browse at the clothes or shoes.
Bailey got her surprise...
Click HERE to see these little things that my child has become crazy over.

Almost forgot...
the hubby surprised me with the blardigan I've been begging for.
This model is wearing it as lingerie, but
seriously is perfect with jeans and leggings.
Click HERE for Blardigan.

Thanks hubby!!!

Happy Wednesday!
Keep up with me everyday!


  1. You baby girl looked like she was really going in on those ribs!! Too Cute!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Yay for the Blardigan! I have been wearing mine non-stop since the temperatures dropped!