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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I'm celebrating my

On Friday I recapped my surgery HERE.
since then I've been taking it easy and let me just say
It's No FUN!!!!
So thankful for my hubby and girls for waiting on me hand and foot
while I recover.
The hubby went back to work today so I'm on my own...
this should be interesting!

Before my surgery, 
Bailey had a class party that I was able to attend.
 It was silly glasses day and she chose to 
wear her pretend reading glasses from Claire's.

We posed for a selfie.
She's my sweet girl.

Friday we took Bailey and her friend, Emma
So glad I was able to ride along while the girls
went door to door begging for candy!
 My niece, Taylor was sweet enough to come over and get Bailey
as beautiful as Elsa.  She did her hair & make-up and did a fantastic job.
Bailey was absolutely gorgeous dressed up as Elsa!
 Such a model!

 Bailey and Emma were so excited to go trick-or-treating at
Maura's home.  Here the girls are pictured with her.

Bailey and Emma back at our house ready to eat their candy!
This was the first year Madison did not go trick-or-treating with us.
She was with her "friend."

On Saturday we were really lazy.
Weather cooled off a lot this weekend;
so we were trying to adjust to cooler temps.

On Sunday, the family got ready for church and I hung out at the
house in pain.  
Sunday afternoon, Bailey was super excited to work on her
first book report project.
She loves school and learning!
She chose the book,
Henry and Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps.
Sorry, I should have taken a pic of the finished project, but I forgot!

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy appointment.
The hubby took me and was by my side all day.
They were very helpful in guiding me and educating
me on what I should and should not be doing.
Very sore and tired after PT and it's only the beginning.
I go back on Friday.

After PT we did a little grocery shopping.
 The hubby insisted that I use a motorized cart.
So here you go...
I really drew a lot of attention with this thing!
It was very loud and I barely made it through some tight spots.
I think I'll just let the hubby do the grocery shopping next time!

Thanks to everyone for you cards, phone calls, texts and prayers as I begin
this road to recovery!

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  1. First of all happy birthday!!! May you have a year of blessings! Also, thank you for stopping by my blog. Let me say, your daughter is beautiful and super cute in her Elsa costume. What a busy day you had and I'm sure the grocery shopping wasn't too fun in the motorized cart! Get well soon so you don't have to repeat it :) Have a nice day!