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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun in the Summer Sun

Who's ready for some 
Fun in the Summer Sun?
Well, over here at the Parrish's...
we've been patiently waiting!

We can't even think about Summer until our
dance recital is complete!
My dance studio, Gotta Dance! has been working very 
hard for months practicing and preparing for our spring recital.
Our theme this year just so happens to be;
Fun in the Summer Sun!
It was a great theme with lots of fun songs about 
Summer, surfing and just having fun.

Since dance is such a huge part of our life I thought 
I would share some pics.
These are just a few group pics for you to catch a glimpse of what
I've been working so hard on!

I am so proud of each and every dancer.
They've all worked so hard.  It not only takes their practice, but
the help of their parents also.  Parents selfishly pay for dance lessons, costumes and sacrifice their time in order for their little girls to experience
the beautiful art and joy of dance.  And for that I am forever grateful!

This was the cover of our programs.

Our Gotta Dance! teachers and assistants.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication this dance season.  I couldn't have done it without you!

 We are too cute in our bright summer colors!

Check out these adorable mermaids.
They of course danced to, "Under the Sea," from the Disney
movie The Little Mermaid.

"Catch a Wave" 
Our cute Kinder Dance I class in their beautiful costumes.

 Beginner Jazz ready to shake a leg in their song,
"Heat Wave."

Take a wild guess- Yep, that's right!
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"

Intermediate Tap class looking amazing for,
"Walking on Sunshine."

Look at these hotties!
Advanced Jazz performed,
"Counting Stars."

My sweet Bailey was in this class.  She is on the bottom right.
Beginner Tap had the joy of performing to,
"Surf Crazy."

  4th of July is always fun in the Summer.
These cuties danced to,
"Yankee Doodle."

My absolute favorite costume- "Surf's Up."

Bailey is in this pic also.  She is on the top right.
These little ones tumbled to, "Wipe Out."

 For several years the Moms have been performing in the recital.
This year we danced to, "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot."

Beginner ballet looks beautiful for,
"Colors of the Wind."

 So proud of these girls that completed their 
first year of Pointe.
"Rock the Boat"
These girls know how to pose!
"Windows Down"

 Interemediate Jazz had fun performing to,
"School's Out."

 Advanced Ballet graced the stage dancing to,
"Come Away to the Water."

This is our first year having a Dad's Dance!
Talk about funny!
I had a fun idea for the Dads to perform to,
"Sharp Dressed Man," from the reality show, Duck Dynasty.
They loved dressing up like the characters from the show.
This was a super crowd pleaser!

We also celebrated our SENIOR,
Not only is she an awesome dancer, but she's my niece!
She did a tap solo to James Brown's upbeat jam,
"Get Up Off That Thing."
So proud of her and I know she will always 
keep DANCE close to her heart!

Madison and I took a quick pic after the show.
I am so proud of her because she performed her first solo.
She did a tap solo to, "Runaway Baby," by Bruno Mars.
She did great!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our dance recital weekend!
I think we are definitely ready NOW for some,
"Fun in the Summer Sun!"

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