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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guess What?

Guess what the Parrish's have been up to???
Yep,  you guessed right!

Madison had a game Friday night against a rival team, Express.
So happy to say that we WON!!!!
 These girls were super happy!

 They are all smiles in this pic, but they weren't at 5:00 the next morning
when they had to rise and shine to travel to Asheboro for an all day 
volleyball tournament.
Madison and Elizabeth doing whatever you call this!!!

The hubby and I watching some volleyball.

 TIME OUT for some team pep talk!

Bailey entertaining herself during the game.

 Michelle and Bailey taking selfies and snap chatting them to me!
You should know better! :-)

It was a very long and exhausting day, but these girls won
1st PLACE!!!!
So proud of every one!

Yep these two are pretty happy!

So proud of this girl and her team mates!

I know I talk a lot about volleyball, but we really do more than just that.
My girls also take dance!!!!

Bailey loves her tap costume!

Bailey and Emma were twinning last week and they didn't even plan it.
These girls know how to dress!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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