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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Human Trafficking

Friday night, the hubby and I attended a presentation at Mount Olive University about
Neither one of us knew much if anything about this topic, but
we were blown away with all the information and statistics we were presented.

Chris and Anna Smith are co-founders of this non-profit organization called
which is a faith based ministry that seeks to open shelters for human trafficking victims, 
free of cost to American boys.
The couple was very excited to announce that the first ever human trafficking
shelter for boys called The Anchor House would be built in Greenville this year.

Anna was our speaker for the evening and it didn't take long to realize that
this is her passion.  She shared some startling statistics such as 
N.C. is in the Top 10 for human trafficking and over half of the victims
are boys.  Initially when you think of this awful sexual exploitation you think of
young girls, but statistics show that there are just as many boys.

They have been traveling to several larger cities researching and putting together
a video documentary.  Anna shared a few stories of victim's they had
encountered. How and why these victims end up taking part in this modern day
slavery will astound you.  Some are trying to make their way through college while 
others are looking for their next meal.

Please join me in prayer for this awesome organization.
Take time to visit their website and share with someone today
about human trafficking.  The only way to begin in this fight is to 
become more aware.  

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