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Monday, January 6, 2014


It's been a tradition for several years now!

After Christmas my family, my Mom and my sister's family always get together
with some dear friends-
 "The Jackson's."
Over the years our families have grown so it's always 
 fun to come together over some yummy food and fellowship with friends.

On Saturday, Mrs. Janet graciously hosted at her beautiful farm home.
As a child I enjoyed going to Mrs. Janet's house to play with her daughter,
my near and dearest friend, Laura.
It was wonderful to step back into her home
that I remember vividly as a child.
Mrs. Janet's family has really grown and blossomed.
Her daughter-in-law, Shannon has 3 children- 2 boys and 1 baby girl.
Her daughter, Laura has 2  handsome boys.

We sat around the table enjoyed some delicious soups that Mrs. Janet
prepared and just talked while the children played.
Isn't that what women do best?
It's amazing to see how each of our lives have changed with
children, jobs and just the crazy business of everyday life.

(My Mom on the left, Mrs. Janet on the right)

These two ladies started it all many years ago!
Two friends that bonded at church then they had 2 daughters that bonded at church!

Laura and myself.
Friends since birth!

Laura posing with her 2 boys and my 2 girls.

My niece, Emily with Bailey.
Bailey always enjoys her company.

My nephew Jackson and Bailey.
Bailey turning his cheek to make him look at the camera.

Laura's 2 boys- Daniel and Jack.
Jack was on the phone with Thomas the Train!

Shannon with her baby girl, Helyn Mae.

 Shannon's son, David cheesing big for a quick pic.

Laura and Madison.

Bailey fell in love with Mrs. Janet's dog, Keiley!

Bailey taking, "selfies" with the dog!

Here's the whole gang!
3 Generations!
We've all been blessed beyond measure thanks to Jesus for his wonderful
gifts of friendships, love and family.
Praying for all of us in this new year for
peace, prosperity and happiness!

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