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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I don't usually do a 
new year's resolution, but 
I thought hey why not!

Life is so busy and sometimes I lose focus on what I want 
in life and what is important!
So here goes...

1.  Read and study my BIBLE more.
The Lord is my rock and should come
first every day in my life.

Well, that's it for my new year's resolutions.
Plenty of other things that I want to work on, but 
for everything else to fall into place my Lord 
should be first!

I encourage each of you to open your BIBLE and seek the 
Lord in 2014.


New Year's Day,
Madison and the hubby went hunting and
Madison shot her first deer.
She was super excited.

Daddy was so proud of Madison.

The poor doe was expecting.
Madison discovered this while they were dressing her.

Now that hunting season is over with;
maybe I will get my hubby back!

Great job Madison on your first kill.

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