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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Weekend!

First let me start by saying 
Sean & Catherine!

Their wedding was beautiful!

Ok, now on to our fun weekend.
We started our weekend on Friday evening
going out to eat with these crazies at Pizza Villa.

Madison had a few girls spend the night.
Bailey tries to stick right with them.

After Pizza Villa we spent the rest of our Friday night
at Volleyball practice. 

I snapped this picture early Saturday morning.
All 4 girls sound asleep on Madison's queen size bed!
That just can't be comfortable!

On Saturday all us girls went to Goldsboro for some retail therapy.
While I tried to shop, Bailey took selfies!

What's a shopping day without Starbucks?!?!

Bailey finally got to spend some time with her B.F.F. Emma.
Saturday night we enjoyed La Flama in La Grange.

Bailey dressed for church.
This dress was my niece Taylor's and Madison also wore it when she
was younger.

Last weekend I brought Bailey back this little dog, Boo.
She requested her pic with him on Sunday!

It was a great weekend!
We had very little snow last week, but
this week they are calling for quite a bit more.
So what do these southerners do when the "S" word is
mentioned...that's right!
We head straight to the grocery store for
bread and milk!

My friend Kendi posted this on her Instagram page and 
it cracked me up!
So True!!!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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