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Thursday, January 30, 2014


We got SNOW again exactly a week later!
On Monday the temps were in the 60's.  
It was perfect weather to get you in the fever for Spring,
but once again they were predicting snow
for eastern N.C.
No joke, I wore flip flops on Monday!
On Tuesday morning I searched far and wide for Madison & I
a pair of snow boots. I lucked up at K-mart.

This time they were calling for some sleet and a lot of snow!
Our meteorologists, I won't name any names (Les and Skip) have a difficult time                        getting this stuff correct.
It was exactly the opposite--a lot of sleet and a little bit of snow,
but hey, us southerners will take what we can get!

Our world really does shut down when snow happens!
The hubby stayed home from work.
We started our day with a yummy breakfast; 
courtesy of the hubby.
After breakfast the girls were ready to 
play in our winter wonderland.
So we did what everyone else in La Grange does- we headed to 
the over pass.  We packed up all our sleds went our for some fun.

I snapped this pic of the road by our house.
The roads really are slick.

Here's the hubby!
He thinks I'm crazy for blogging and taking so many pics!

Guess who- It's Bailey

Madison had a blast at the over pass.

Mama did too! 
Bailey and I went down the hill several times!

Madison has no fear!

The Crew!
Ready to Race!

We came back home for some more snow fun.
These two loved being pulled behind the 4-wheeler on the sled. 

They did this for a few hours!

It was a great day!
One that I hope my girls will remember for many years!

Happy SNOW day from our home to yours!
Stay warm!

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