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Friday, January 24, 2014


We had our first and probably only 
SNOW DAY for 2014
on Wednesday!

On Tuesday the temps were still in the low 60's, but 
later Tuesday evening they were calling for some 
snow flurries. 
So I did what everyone else in eastern N.C. did when there
is even the slightest chance of snow--
I went to the grocery store and got a few necessities such as
bread, milk, sugar and some snacks!

  It began snowing around 9 p.m.
in Bucklesberry, but it did not look promising.
Luckily, Wednesday was a teacher workday... so no worries 
for school. 
 We didn't receive the blizzard that I had hoped for, but
the ground was covered Wednesday morning when we woke up.  
We had a nice steady snow for most of the morning.

So me and the girls decided we should bundle up and head out in it.

I love these two snow bunnies!

Bailey loving on Madison!
These sisters really do love each other and I am so thankful!

Here is a great pic that shows the amount of snow we got!

Snow Angels!

Madison teaching Bailey how to pack the snow to make a perfect snow ball!
Bailey is practicing!

Madison's jump in mid air!

And of course no snow day would be complete without 
Oh, how I loved this as a child and times haven't changed too much, 
because I still love it!

The snow came and went pretty quick, but we enjoyed it while 
it lasted!

Have a blessed weekend!

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