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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Judgement House

My Birthday came and went...just like that!

Thanks so much to my sweet hubby and girls for my 
beautiful birthday cake with my favorite-- whipped icing!
Bailey loves blowing out birthday candles!

My birthday was spent with Madison at our routine visit to the dermatologist!
I know...pretty exciting-huh!!!!
Afterwards we ate at one of our most favorite places, 
It was yummy!!!

Alright, like I said my birthday came and went so let's move on!
Sunday night our youth group went to this year's annual,
For those of you that don't  know,
Judgement House is what I like to call a 
Christian Spook House!
It's a wonderful outreach program at First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Goldsboro
that takes place during the Fall on the weekends.
Each year the story line is a little different, but very exciting and it really makes you think.
They have a HELL scene which is very graphic and little scary, but they also have a HEAVEN scene which is absolutely beautiful.
Ultimately their goal is to save lost souls to Jesus Christ.
This year they really directed a few scenes towards teenagers which I really appreciate 
since I have one. They performed skits discussing drinking and driving, fitting in with your peers and searching for your purpose in life.  
The church has also started a movement called,
If you chose to seek further information they took you into a room and discussed this pledge with you.
Here it is:
The Pledge
L – Live fully committed to Jesus Christ.
I –  Inspire others to follow.
F – Free from addictions. 
E – Embrace purity.

Once you took the pledge you received a bracelet to wear.
You can learn more from their website which also has some great resources for
youth leaders and or Sunday school teachers.
if you would like to attend Judgement House you may contact the church for more info at:

Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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  1. awesome fun weekend!! Love the pledge for life!!! Kendi