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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

not a fan.

With Christmas approaching I wanted to share this great book with you that would 
make the perfect gift for the holidays.
This book really changed my thoughts, feelings and walk with the Lord.
In the book, Kyle Idleman describes the difference between being a fan of Jesus and a 
committed follower.
He vividly explains what being a fan is like and questions you to look deep 
in your heart and find where you exist.
In the book Idleman asks,
Is that how you define your relationship with Him?
An "enthusiastic admirer"?
Close enough to Jesus to get the benefits, but not so close
to require a sacrifice?
I challenge you today to search and be sure you are not in the 
"fan zone",
but to be sure that you are a completely committed

So what are you:
a fan 
or are you a 


1 comment:

  1. A FOLLOWER!!!! we did this book in a bible study it is life changing :) Kendi