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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One Proud Mama!

I just want to brag on my girls a little bit!
We just finished up the first 9 weeks of school and my girls did great!

Madison as you know is a freshman in high school and she also 
played on the junior varsity volley ball team this 9 weeks; so she has been
extremely busy with sports, school and dance.
This semester she is taking Math, Spanish, Honors Science and Weight Lifting.
On her report card she made all A's and only 1 B.
She had a 100 in Spanish...who does that???
We are so proud of her!

Bailey had a rough start to first grade.  
The change from kindergarten to 1st grade took some adjusting for Bailey.
After a couple of weeks of tears; she finally found her way and has done great also 
this 9 weeks.
At her elementary school they have an awards day each 9 weeks.

Here she is on Friday with her awards certificate.
Bailey received:
Academic Excellence, 100% Homework(Thanks to me),
Accelerated Reader, Perfect Attendance and Super Kid/Citizenship.
We are so proud of her too!

So thankful for my 2 daughters!
They bring so much joy to my life each and everyday!
Just in case you were unaware the temperature here has drastically dropped.
The high today is 46.
We experienced a little snow and sleet last night..  That's pretty awesome for November in 
eastern N.C.
So when the weather is cold, but I'm all wrapped up by the fire inside I like to enjoy a few of these
seasonal cookies right here!

So yummy!  
I bet my hubby wishes he could have one!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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