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Thursday, November 14, 2013


With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away I thought it would 
be fun to talk about a very little, but very popular guy that
should be arriving at our house any day.
Yep, you guessed it!

Our elf's name is, SKIPPY!

Most of us should know about Santa's famous little elves, but just in case I'll
give you a quick lesson.  Once your elf arrives the fun begins.  He magically moves
around and it's a fun game to find him when you wake up each morning or when you return
home each day.  Your elf reports back to Santa each night on whether or not you've been
good or bad.  Kids can also share with their elf what their Christmas wishes are, but
for absolutely no reason should you touch your elf or he will lose his magic.

Skippy is lots of fun, but sometimes he can be a little
Take a look!

Skippy took a red marker and colored on Bailey's nose
while she was fast asleep to make her resemble Rudolph!

Here Skippy is enjoying some marshmallows and reading his book.

Skippy loves a yummy YooHoo!!!

I think Bailey's bedroom needed some attention!

Skippy loves Jesus!

Last year Skippy showed up at the hospital for Bailey's surgery.

Look who got into the dental floss and toothpaste!

Skippy loves our Christmas tree and here he is holding a small present!

Bailey and Madison(even thought she's 14) enjoy waking up each morning to 
see what Skippy is up to.  
This is a wonderful holiday tradition for children and parents!

I'll be sure to keep you posted when Skippy returns to the 

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