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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girl's Weekend Fun!

What a great weekend with my 2 precious girls!
I don't even know where to begin.
The hubby is off hunting so we thought we would have a 
and it was just that....FUN!!!
Just as soon as the girls got out of school on Friday we packed up the 
truck and headed to
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
First stop was-

Great place to take your kids.  They are already performing their Christmas Show
and it was fantastic.  The food and atmosphere was superb also.
Perfect show to get you into the CHRISTmas spirit.

No, that's not a walrus! It's a very talented 
His name is Salty and he was a very funny part of the show that we enjoyed.

After the show we had to take a few pics!

We found a stranger nice enough to take our pic.

Everything was beautifully decorated for Christmas!

My girls really had a blast.
And yes Bailey is holding a stuffed sea lion.
Of course we had to purchase a few souvenirs.
Madison purchased her favorite thing...a t-shirt!

Our next stop was to check into our condo for the weekend!
We stayed at Bay View Resort on boardwalk.
We had a great view of boardwalk and the ocean.
Madison was super excited because our hotel had a

So what did we do first thing Saturday morning?
Yes, that's right! We had Starbucks for breakfast!

Then we headed to do some shopping at the most famous
Needless to say we had fun, but you just can't shop with a 6 year old.
We shopped at Justice, the Disney store then we had to take a break for some
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
 Later we stopped at the
Coastal Grand Mall to do some more shopping.
Bailey cooperated as much as she possibly could.
Bribery may or may not have been involved.
Okay, I promised her she could go swimming when we got back to the hotel.
BUT, guess what????
We didn't bring our swimsuits.  So at 10 o'clock at night we went to Walmart
searching for bathing suits.
Madison found one, but no bathing suits for Bailey.
So we made do with a sports bra and some athletic shorts.

They had a blast swimming in the indoor pools!

Saturday was lots of fun.
Sunday we checked out and headed for some breakfast.

We walked down boardwalk and found this joint.
It was delicious.  The girls got chocolate chip pancakes and I enjoyed a
Belgian waffle.

After eating we went for a little stroll on boardwalk.

Bailey is not really into the walking as you can tell in the picture.

We then headed to our final destination:
They have some little rides that Bailey always enjoys.

Well, Bailey and Madison.  Here they are doing the
Frog Hopper.

Yep, that's Madison right behind Bailey.
She's still a kid at heart and I hope it will stay this way forever!

After the kiddie rides we headed into

Bailey refers to it as the,
There's so much fun stuff to do here!

Here the girls are in a huge bubble.

Bailey would make a great astronaut!

When we came out of Wonder Works we saw people zip lining!
Madison spotted this right away and thought it would be fun.

Here she is waiting in line all geared up.

And here she is zip lining.
She said it was really fun!

We had a blast this weekend!
Hope it will be a great memory that they will one day pull out of their file!

One more thing,
Yesterday was Veteran's Day!
Just want to say a big THANK YOU to all past and present serving our country.

Here is my sweet Daddy.
Also, Saturday was his birthday.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Daddy!
We love you and miss you everyday!

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