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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweet 16 Party and Awards Day

We celebrated 
again this past Friday night with her friends.
 Madison's cake was so cute and delicious.  It was chocolate chip cookie dough and it was some kind of good.  
If you're local be sure to check out 
located in downtown Kinston on Heritage st.
They did a great job on her cake!

 Madison acting all shy in this pic while we sang 
Happy Birthday to her!

Blowing out all 16 candles!
She had a great time hanging out with friends.

 Bailey had her 2nd Grade Awards Day yesterday and boy did she
rack up on awards!

 She is so shy!

 Sissy didn't have any exams so she was able to be there for Bailey.

Mama & Daddy are so proud of this smart girl.
She's had a fabulous year thanks to her wonderful
teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Sutton.
Bailey loves her teacher and it seriously made 2nd grade so much fun.  
Bailey received:
P.E. Award
Library/Media Award
Super Kid
Homework Star Award
Accelerated Reader Award
Principal's List Award
Way to go Bailey!!!

April :)
Keep up with me everday!

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