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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

So happy it's 
Linking up to day with
Erika, Andrea & Narci for my
Friday Favorites.

This is really not a Friday Favorite, but
it's important so I had to include it today.
 My Dad bought me this car several years ago.
He wheeled and dealed with used cars for years so he was always on the hunt 
for a good car that was great on gas and one that of course had good cold air conditioning!
I am always on the go and he hated to see me waste my money filling my Tahoe up every few days;
so he solved that problem and helped me by purchasing this..."Gas Saver!"
My Dad is no longer with us therefore this car as silly as it sounds means so much.
When it's scolding hot in the summer my girls and I hop in it to run a few errands and to
visit Grandma Sandra we laugh and say it may not be pretty, but
it's got some damn good cold air...which is what my Daddy always said.
My Dad was always there for me and my family and this was just one small
way of many that he helped us.
My Dad was all about saving a dollar and this is one way without a doubt
he taught me how to save money as well.
My Dad's idea of a pretty car and mine were two totally different things.
Growing up  you never knew what Daddy was going to pick you up from school in.
The days he went to the car sales you were scared just what he was going to roll up at 
the school house to pick you up in.
One day when I was in high school he rolled up in one these....
A bright orange Plymouth Scamp...I was mortified.
So glad that I can look back on it now and laugh.
I guess I've kept the tradition going because I love nothing better than to pick my
oldest daughter, Madison up from high school in  that little blue car.

Here's a pic of the hubby and my Daddy with something he bought off of the sale.
They fixed it up nice and decked it out in camouflage then sold it and made a nice hustle!
My hubby has been after me for awhile to get rid of it and
when the perfect buyer came along I knew it was time.
Prayers for the family that purchased my little blue car and
that it will be just as good to them as it was to me.

My girls dressed pretty for church on Sunday.
I love how they love each other!

I'm so overwhelmed with all the love people are showing
for my jewelry!
A few friends have hosted parties and while I am still
recovering from my hip surgery...this has kept me very busy.

Perfect Christmas gifts.
Buy two for you and one for a friend!
Prices range from $15-$30.
If you would like to make a purchase please message me.

Thanksgiving is next week...
So ready for some yummy turkey & dressing and desserts galore!

I saw this on Pinterest and it made me think...
Everyone is so busy that we honestly don't take
enough time to thank GOD for our wonderful blessings.
Take time out this Thanksgiving and spread
God's Good News to others and let the special ones
in your life know just how special they truly are!

Have a blessed weekend!
Keep up with me everyday.

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