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Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Linking up today with
for my

National Honor Society
 So proud of Madison!
On Monday night she was inducted into the 
National Honor Society.

She's got it and brains!!!
Keep up the good work!

Good Report
I went back to the DR on Wednesday and received a good report!
No more wearing the leg brace and I can begin to ween myself 
off of the crutches.  Of course I will not be able to resume my
normal activities until 10 more weeks, but this is a big leap for
just 2 weeks after surgery.

Athletic Banquet
 Last night we attended the 
Fall Athletic Banquet 
where Madison was recognized for playing 
J.V. Volleyball.
Sweet friends from Madison's team!

Bailey Lost Another Tooth!
 After Madison was recognized at the Athletic Banquet Bailey and I stepped into the lobby.
Sitting in those hard seats in the cafeteria just didn't agree with my hip.
I noticed Bailey messing with her tooth and it started bleeding.
I took a look and told her it was ready to be pulled, but she wasn't ready.
I texted Daddy and he walked out to come pull her's one of her front teeth.

 It bled a little more and she wasn't happy about it.

 Daddy trying to talk her into letting him pull it out.
After a few minutes she gave up and let him do it.

 Here's our snaggle puss!!!!

At bedtime she was excited to place her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow.
I can't get over her new smile!

Colder Temps...
have arrived in eastern N.C.
The high today is 46.
Pretty sure they won't stay around for long, but it'll be a nice change for 
a few days as the holidays are quickly approaching.
There are only 6 Fridays until Christmas...
I've got to get busy with my Christmas shopping!

Let's Talk Boots
Madison and I both have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of 
boots this fall.
Here are a few of our favorites.

The Frye 'Melissa Button' Boot.
This is my FAVORITE by far!
Madison and I both love this boot.
Click HERE for more info on these babies.

I like these Enzo Angiolini 'Eoro' Boots.
Very stylish and comfy.
Click HERE for this boot.

Here is the very popular Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boots.
Click HERE for this boot.

The weather has cooled off and I'm excited not so much for the temps, but
to add some layers and warm up by the fire.

Have a great weekend.

Keep up with me everyday.

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  1. Congrats to your daughter on that great achievement! That is awesome! Pulling teeth is quite an adventure for us so I totally understand your little girl!!! Have a great weekend and brrr stay warm! It was 43 here in Western NC!