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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and this crowd is ready to 
celebrate and eat lots of turkey & dressing!

The 1st 9 weeks awards program was yesterday and 
Bailey received:
Academic Excellence, 100% Homework and Accelerated Reader Awards.
 We are so proud of our sweet Boochie!!!

 Bailey's class had a small Thanksgiving party!

 Does anyone else's child hate to wash their hair as much as my child?
I received this Snap Chat from Bailey while I was at work.

 When I got home from dance, Bailey had wrote out her 
Christmas List
for Skippy and Ginger to take to Santa.

Our elves are behaving... so far this holiday season!
 Ginger and Skippy were sitting nicely reading the 
Elf on the Shelf book on Tuesday.

Bailey had a small cut on her hand, but
it was pretty drastic to her.
This morning Skippy and Ginger brought
Bailey these Elf on the Shelf band aids and pajamas!
She was super happy!

Alright it's time to rest up for the rush of 
the Holiday Season!
Lots of sales you will not won't to miss out on, 
Christmas play practices, school programs, family functions,
baking, parades, and so much more, but let us not forget
the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

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