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Thursday, July 3, 2014

While Daddy's Away...

The hubby has been working non stop for 
several days; so us girls know just how to entertain ourselves!

We traveled to Raleigh to explore the
Marbles Museum.
This was our first visit, but
will definitely not be our last!
 Madison driving the Ambulance!
The Marbles Museum is for big kids too.

 Bailey loved working at the Pizza Parlor.
The cash register especially! :-)

 Bailey worked hard as a Veterinarian.
*Notice Madison in the background playing also!

 These girls would make awesome farmers!


 They are handy with these tools also.

 Madison worked super hard at building this tower while Bailey 
ran around looking for more Lego's.

We loved the Marbles Museum.
We spent 3 hours there and still didn't see everything!

Afterwards we stopped by 
Crabtree Valley Mall.
What was I thinking?
Anytime Bailey is with me she ends up 
Building a Bear.
It's her favorite thing!
Here goes...

 She picked out a super soft cuddly bear.

 We were just here in December, but they've made some 
technological advances with building your bear.
See above!
 and here.

Finished product.
She named her,
"Sally June"
I thought it was sweet.  Gene's grandmother's name was Sally and
my Dad's nickname was June Bug.

Sally June left all set with a pretty pair of pajamas and
a bikini.
Bailey isn't the only one that loves
Build a Bear...
Madison does too!
This was taken several years ago.
Where did the time go?

On Sunday our church celebrated the youth by 
allowing them to be in charge of 
Sunday School and church.
Everyone did an amazing job!
We have an awesome youth.
 Madison taught the little kids during Sunday school and then
did the announcements during church.
Great job to all!

We sent this pic to Daddy telling him how much we missed him
and wished he could be with us at church.
Don't you just love Bailey's peace sign from the back seat...
I guess that is what that is!

Keep up with this crazy crew everyday on

4th of July is tomorrow!!!!
If you missed my 4th of July Inspired Outfits Post CLICK HERE.

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