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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Loving our Summer!

We are trying so hard to soak up as much fun this summer as we can.
On Friday we took a detour on our way to the beach and stopped at
Our family loves this place.
If you haven't been I feel so sorry for you.
And if you've been, but not eaten there; well then
 I still feel sorry for you!
Best Food in the World!!!!!!!!
This macaroni and cheese is the best stuff!
We eat a lot of this when we go.
We are patiently waiting for some delicious food!

So are these two!

They have a few antique tractors and beautiful scenery for pictures.

I just can't get over how beautiful this girl continues to get!

I don't know why, but we all had to have a picture with this tractor.
Like I don't already have 100 from previous visits. :-)
The best time to visit Mike's Farm is in the fall of the year and

 We enjoyed another Saturday out on the boat.
Selfie with this little girl!

Daddy brought his water skis from when he was younger and 
Madison decided to give it a try!
Oh, to be young again!
She did it like a pro on the very first try!

 Bailey is not so sure about the water!
She is so cautious and it takes her forever to warm up.
She eventually got comfortable and began looking for sand dollars.

 They lucked up!
We found 100's of sand dollars of all sizes!

 I don't know how, but we talked Bailey into trying out the 
knee board.
She did great and begged to do it several more times.
With practice she will be just as good as Madison.

These two bought themselves matching Nike shorts!
Bailey adores Madison and wants to be just like her big Sissy!
For these NIKE shorts Click HERE.

 At home on Sunday, Bailey rode her new bike around.

 Monday morning we sent Madison and a few from our church youth 
off for a week at Camp Cragmont.

 Bailey getting one last hug from Sissy.

Bailey and I are so sad without Madison!
I was trying to cheer Bailey up with a trip to Target.
Target & Starbucks makes everything better! :-)
Please be in prayer for Madison and all the campers and counselors this week at Cragmont.

Happy Tuesday!

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