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Monday, July 21, 2014


Our church had a guest speaker to visit and share his testimony last night,
If you live in or near our community then this is a name 
that should ring a bell.
 Josh looks like any average teenage boy of 15 years old.
But the fact is he's not.
Some would say (including myself) he's not average at all...
Josh was diagnosed in August 2013 with a brain tumor and under went surgery 
just a few days later due to the massive swelling on his brain.
He would then under go 6 weeks of radiation. 
Through this journey Josh and his family chose to trust in the LORD 
for their daily strength and healing.
No doubt this boy is a walking miracle because he chose to hand his worries and
fears over to GOD.  
In January of this year, Josh had scans to see if the tumor was gone and 
thanks to our ultimate healer they were GONE!
As most cancer patient in remission have to partake in these scans to
monitor their disease every few months, Josh went again this past Friday and once again
they were GONE.
Praise be to GOD for this young man and his beautiful family.
Josh is now traveling to different churches and organizations to tell his 
amazing story of what GOD has done for him.
 Josh is pictured here with his mother, Heather
Dad, Wesley
and sister, Hannah.

Josh shared his testimony and did a great job!
His Dad, Wesley then shared his story of how GOD
completely changed his life in so many ways.
He really hit some hard topics that our youth needed to hear.
Two of our youth rededicated their lives to the Lord.
What a blessing! 
You know me...I'm not camera shy so I had to get a
picture with Josh.
Just as his shirt says-UNASHAMED,
which is what we as Christians must be in order to spread his word.
So proud of Josh and how he has chosen to stand up for
Please continue to pray for Josh and his health.

They shared a video with our church that is very touching.
It shows how Cancer affected their lives,
but also how they over came it.
CLICK HERE to see video.

Also please continue to follow the
page on facebook.

If you are interested in Josh coming to your church, youth group or organization 
to speak; please email me and I will be glad to put you in touch with them.

Cancer affects so many individuals no matter race, sex, age, religion or status.
Please take time to pray for those affected by this disease.

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  1. What an amazing story and young man! Prayers to Josh and his family!