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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beach Vacation Week

 YAY...for our beach vacation week!
We were so excited to get to the beach and do all the things that we
enjoy most!
I thought it would be fun to make of list of some fun things
we all wanted to do.
Bailey & Madison helped make our list so we
could check it off each day.
How cute is this!
We had a lot to do during this week of vacation.
So let's get to it!
Unfortunately the hubby was called into work so we left on Monday afternoon without him.
What's the first thing anyone does when they're going to stay a week at the beach?
Yep, that's right!
Hit up the grocery store!
Bailey loves going with me so she can get her own cart.

The hubby wasn't able to come down until Tuesday afternoon;
so we set out for a day on the beach.
Madison and her friend, Landon helped Bailey ride the waves in on
her boogie board.  This is huge for Bailey.
She is so shy and very cautious, but she loved it!

We stopped for a group selfie!

She loved riding the waves!

On Wednesday we enjoyed a day on the boat.
The girls loved fishing.

 Check out Madison's baby shark.
 We love searching for sand dollars on the island.
I lucked up and found this beautiful sand dollar.

 We love the sand and sun!

The hubby trying to fish!
He was constantly busy keeping our lines straight and baiting our hooks.

On Thursday we were anticipating 
The wind had picked up and rain was headed our way so 
we chose to visit the Aquarium.
 My girls!

 They love sea turtles.

 Madison's nickname is, "Froggy!"

 Daddy loves his baby girl!

 Bailey's favorite part!
She got to dress up in a lab coat and help take care of the
sea turtles.
The computer is diagnosing the sea turtle and then we will
begin his treatment and lastly deliver him back to the sea.

After leaving the Aquarium the wind continued to increase.
Madison wanted us to stop at the beach so she could see
how rough the waves were.
 It was beautiful watching the massive waves crash.
It quickly reminded me of our mighty Savior and his beautiful creation!

We then traveled to Fort Macon.
 The wind is really blowing now.
Madison gave up and went to the car while we continued to
tour the grounds quickly.

 Fort Macon is beautiful and very educational.

The hubby located a room where they were showing a 30 minute history video
about Fort Macon so we had to endure this!

We finally got back to the house around 6:00 p.m. and settled in for the evening to
ride out the hurricane.
I slept like a baby all night.
No damage-Praise the Lord!

On Friday the In-Laws came down with our nephew Trey.
We went out on the boat for a little while, but the
flies were horrendous!
Still itching and it's Tuesday!

 We celebrated the 4th of July by eating Domino's Pizza and
watching the fireworks at the boat dock!
Happy Birthday America!

A selfie with my mother-in-law on our way to McDonald's Saturday morning for a
nutritious breakfast.
Then it was back out on the boat.

We enjoyed another day of fishing and relaxing on the island!
Bailey enjoyed cutting up the shrimp bait for fishing.

 These three loved riding on the tube.

 Can you say, "TROUBLE!"
You never know what these two are up to!
These two cousins stick together!

Bailey caught a fish and for some reason she enjoyed holding him.
She was so scared at first, but then she continued to pick him up out
of the cooler along with a few others.

 We came back to the house and got all cleaned up for supper and fun.
Bailey had a blast doing Trey's hair!
He was such a good customer.

 This crowd loves some go cart racing!
She loves riding with her Daddy.

Madison and Trey buckling up before take off!
What fun!

 Sunday was our last day.
The hubby and I took the golf cart down the street to sit and enjoy the beautiful view.

 The kids came out with their boards to join us.

 They paddled out to a little sand bar.

We couldn't believe Bailey went with them.
She is so scared of the water, but stayed with them like a pro!

It was a great week with beautiful weather minus the hurricane!
We were able to check off many things on our list, but
we still have more fun things to accomplish!
Hopefully we can get them done before the summer is over!

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