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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Well you should know by now that Madison is 15!
And of course I'm sure you know what happens when you turn 15---
You go and get your Driver's Permit.
I honestly can not believe I have a child old enough to drive me around.
BUT I DO!!!!
So yesterday right after school we took her to take the test.
This is the text she sent me before school released.
 Not too worried about the test, but what she will look like in her
new driver's permit license.

 But first, let us take a SELFIE!!!
On the way to take the test!

 She passed with a 95.  
Only missed 1 question!
Way to go Madison!

She's driving!

And Bailey and I are just a little scared!
I may or may not have made her pull over and taken back control of the car before
we even got a mile from the Driver's License office.

I did not realize how hard it is to let your 15 year old drive you around.
It's going to be a long year!
Prayers are welcome!
Madison is super excited and I just really need to calm down and
make sure she gets as much driving experience as possible before she
turns 16.  

I will leave you with some more pics from this past weekend!
Bailey had fun this weekend also-
playing with her best bud, Emma
 We made a stop at Walmart for party supplies.
These girls made me get this huge shopping cart for them to ride in.
They are all smiles!
I on the other hand felt really crazy pushing this bus around!

 Cruising around!  Emma saw me trying to get a pic and she was 
trying to run from the camera.
You can run, but you can't hide!

 Yummy Lemonade Stand!
They made $8.
This was fun for like 30 minutes!

We are painting picture frames for
Father's Day presents in Sunday School.
Bailey is working hard on her masterpiece.

Happy Tuesday!

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