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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful
Memorial Day Weekend!
We spent the weekend at the beach with family.

We left Friday afternoon for some relaxing down time.
My hubby doesn't understand what, "down time" is!!!!
He has been working hard on the golf cart getting it 
road ready so we could enjoy it this weekend.
So, of course when we get it down there it decides not to work.
Worked perfectly fine when we left the house.
The hubby spent a lot of his, "down time" on Saturday trouble shooting 
the golf cart problem.  After several hours he finally got it 
functioning properly!
Way to go Gene!

We left him behind and hit the beach for the afternoon!
It was a beautiful day.  
We all got washed up and ready for supper.
Steaks on the grill and yummy salad.
Saturday night we just enjoyed family time.
Aunt Christel & Bailey played Old Maid.

Sunday morning Bailey had to have her morning coffee.

This is a perfect picture of our, "down time!"
Trey, Bailey & Madison all cozy on the couch.

Also Sunday morning we enjoyed a devotion lead by Christel.

My niece, Taylor and her boyfriend, Jeb enjoyed the devotion as well.

Everyone got dressed and we headed out on the boat.
The boys dropped us ladies off at Coast Guard Island while they
did some fishing.

Before we knew it- Monday was here!
My crowd is headed to check the crab pot.

Madison got lucky!

Perfect example here of the hubby.
Always doing something!

 We had a wonderful weekend and we are looking
forward to many more beach weekends.
It's just the beginning of our
Summer Fun!

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