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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hometown Tragedy

Prayers are needed for the families and friends of 2 Wayne County
teens that were found dead on Monday from self-inflicted gun shot wounds.

As a parent of a 14 year old and 6 year old daughter this just breaks
my heart. I immediately began talking with my oldest daughter, Madison
about suicide.

  For young teens today;
life has so many peer pressures, but
there is always another solution!
I encourage parents to have an open communication with 
your children about today's peer pressure's and let them know
how much they are loved.

As a dance teacher I have the privilege of working with children and teens.
A few months ago I began a class called:
Devotion & Dance.
We do a short devotion and work on choreography.
The dance we are currently working on is a song by
Rascal Flatts called, WHY?
It is about suicide.
I have discussed with these dancers about suicide and stressed
that it's never the answer.
Just Monday night we listened, danced and depicted the song and it's meaning only to come
home and find out this tragic news.
I know now that our dance that is still in the works has so much meaning.

Please join me in prayer for this small community, family and friends
affected by this hometown tragedy.

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