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Monday, December 23, 2013

There was 1; Now there's 2!

I bet you are wondering what I'm talking about.
There was 1; Now there's 2.
I'm talking about
Yep, that's right we have a new elf and 
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

So here's how it happened. 
When we've been out and about shopping Bailey sees all 
the different Elf on the Shelves and always comments on the 
girl elves.  So I've known for awhile that she secretly wanted
a girl elf.  Of course there was no such thing as little girl elves 
when our Skippy arrived in 2009.

So, I've been debating this for a couple of weeks and finally
decided why not!!!!
Our little lady elf arrived yesterday morning sitting side by side
with Skippy.

We think they might be boyfriend and girlfriend.
There are no words to describe how excited Bailey was when she came
down stairs to find Skippy with his new friend.
We quickly named her, 

Skippy is a lot of work during Christmas and now I've added to the 
chaos, but no doubt it's well worth it to see the look on my
baby's face!

This is such a fun tradition and now both of my girls will have an elf
to share with their children.

Before Ginger arrived Skippy was looking for a lady companion.
This is how we found him on Saturday.

Well, I think it's all worked out for the best; since Barbie has Ken.
If I had the choice between Ken or comment I think y'all know my answer!!!


I don't know about you, but I've been busy shopping and wrapping presents.
I'm ready for things to slow down a little so we can all enjoy
Christmas and what its' true meaning is.

I encourage you to take time out to read in Luke Chapter 2 in the Bible of 
Jesus's birth and be sure to share with your family.  
What a great thing to do with your family this season.
Make it a tradition that they will always remember and 
do with their family one day.

Luke 2:11

Have a Holly Jolly Monday!

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