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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry CHRISTmas Eve!

Santa Claus is coming to town 
My girls are so excited!

We found Skippy and Ginger playing the matching game this morning.

Aren't they sweet!

Bailey and her B.F.F. Emma began decorating a gingerbread house, but
it didn't keep their interest for long.
Madison quickly came to their rescue to finish.
 She's still a kid at heart!


Christmas cards are a must around our house.
I love sending and receiving my cards during the holidays.
We don't do anything professional.  Just some quick pics that
we take ourselves at home.
This year I wanted to do something a little different and it was a success.
My husband would definitely disagree.
I wanted our pics in our Christmas jammies.
Hey, at least I didn't make the whole family do a video!
The hubby already had some red plaid lounge pants; so I went shopping to 
find us girls pj's to match.

So on a Sunday afternoon around 5 o'clock we put on our jammies to begin taking
these memorable pics.  
And it was just that...Memorable!
After struggling with the timer on the camera, the hubby and my girls....
the door bell rings and we have company!
So we had to take a short break and change clothes.
Well, my crowd thought we were finished, but OH NO!!!
We finished our pics that night around 9 p.m. and it was like pulling
teeth to get these done, but I did it!
I hope you enjoy these pics in our
Christmas jammies!

Things started out really nicely!

Thought I would get them to pose a little different!

It didn't take long for things to do down hill.

She loves her daddy!

So does this girl! 

I made sure to send to all of my hubby's dear friends.
He received a lot of grief from this year's Christmas card!!!!

One more sweet pic before things fell apart!

Bailey didn't want to cooperate!

Finally, here is our finished product!
Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Remember to share with your family the true meaning of CHRISTmas!
It can be found in your Bible in Luke Chapter 2.

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