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Monday, December 2, 2013

CHRISTmas is Here!

Just in case you didn't get the memo people,

This is a great example of how I feel when 
businesses say, "Happy Holidays."
It's CHRISTmas, the birth of Jesus, God's Son 
and my family and I will be saying,
"Merry CHRISTmas!"

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but as always it went by way too fast!
Thanksgiving day we had the pleasure of two wonderful feasts.
The first feast was at my In-Law's then later we went to my
Mom's for more turkey.
I made a scrumptious cake that my husband had the pleasure of naming,

It was a great day of being thankful, food and family.

Thanksgiving evening I made the decision to ride to town and see about
a little shopping.  My first stop was Target and I couldn't believe my eyes.

This picture really doesn't do the parking lot justice.  
I still went inside, but didn't stay long and decided 
Black Friday Shopping was not for me.

On Friday I took Bailey and her friend, Emma to see the new
Disney Movie 

It was an awesome movie and these girls loved it!

The hubby planned a fishing trip with his parents on Saturday.
They left Friday night for the beach so they could be there bright and early to 
catch some fish.

I snapped this pic of them with some warm fishing gear on.
Now you know why I didn't go!!!

On Saturday we hung around the house for awhile then we
headed to Michael's to purchase some fun craft stuff.
Bailey and Emma painted some beautiful Christmas ornaments and pictures.

Didn't they do a fabulous job???
I helped...just a little! ;-)

Sunday we went to church all dressed in our Christmas colors.

Of course I had to take some pictures. 

Sunday afternoon we worked on a few crafts again!
Madison did a great job making hair bows!

I  know you're wondering where our little elf has been hiding out!

Here he is on top of the refrigerator with the Gingerbread House that
Grandma Sandra bought the girls.
He had a hard time staying up there when anyone would open and close the refrigerator!

Happy Cyber Monday!!! :-)

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