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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cross Country Road Trip- Days 1 and 2

We're back in town and already reminiscing about our
Cross Country Road Trip!
We piled in a lot of fun with a whole lot of driving, bathroom stops,
eating, singing and just family time.

We woke up very early on a Friday morning to begin our journey to the
Grand Canyon with a few detours along the way.
We drove several hours and arrived at our
first destination, 
We quickly checked into our hotel and headed to none other than the 
 I was so excited to see this in person.
I've heard about it for as long as I can remember.
Picture to prove that I once was there...

It was a little warm outside, but we wanted to 
wait and try our chances to see if we would make it in.

We were very close in line, but unfortunately we didn't make it in for the 
event that evening.  However, we were able to step inside which made me very
happy.  It is a very small so you are definitely up close and personal 
with the artists.

We left and quickly found a spot for dinner.
Crows Nest was very yummy!

You can't stop in Nashville without visiting
The Grand Ole Opry.

They had these large guitars for you to take pics with.

Bailey & Madison posing.

I had to get a pic also!

Day 2 and we're ready to see what Nashville has to offer...

But, first breakfast is a must!
Bailey wanted to eat here...

It was surprisingly pretty good!
Great choice, Bailey!

We checked out the
Music City Walk of Fame.
Lots of Stars to see like Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert, 
Martina McBride, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Faith Hill, Loretta Lynn and
many more!

We ventured across this old bridge that was restored for pedestrians now!
It was the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.
Well, we actually never made it completely across-- halfway was good enough for me!

A selfie...

It didn't take long for us to work up an appetite...

We stopped at the Goo Goo Shop and it did not disappoint!
We shared this blondie brownie dessert and it was delicious!!!

There are several museums in downtown Nashville 
and we stopped in the gift shop here at the
Johnny Cash Museum.

We enjoyed our day walking the streets downtown...there was 
a lot to take in.
A selfie with Elvis...for you MOM!!!

And why not Alan Jackson too!

We found Bailey's very own grille.

This girl loves a microphone!

I love the show Nashville.

We decided to take a quick tour of the 
Ryman Auditorium.

So glad we did... so much history and it's beautiful in there!

It's filled with old church pews.

Outside was a statue of 
Little Jimmy Dickens.

Madison spotted the CMT building...

After all that walking downtown we decided to ride around the 
outskirts of town.  We went on a little celebrity search and found 
Tim & Faith's estate and Keith Urban's home.
Then we came upon this little store in the middle of no where...
This seriously intrigued the Hubby so we stopped!

It was a very old store with a lot of history.  We arrived just in time
to eat dinner and it was good!!!  They have live music on the weekends and
come to find out after talking with a few people, Justin Timberlake just purchased land in that area.  He stops in there as well as Keith Urban. 

They also had this beautiful area outside for events.
How awesome that we stumbled across this place!

Be sure to come back and see where our next detour is on our
Cross Country Road Trip!
Thanks for stopping by!

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