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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything!

Sweet Summer Time
is upon us and I couldn't be happier!!!
Bailey has been out of school for a couple of weeks 
and Madison will graduate high school on Saturday.
Where does the time go?
As it's been said so many times,
"The days are long, but the years are short."
If you need me I'll be in the fetal position crying non stop!!

Madison attended the Academic Banquet a few weeks ago and received
her chord for National Honor Society.  
Very proud of her!

Proud parents with our girl!

Bailey did great this year in 4th grade!
She received the Honor Roll all year and
a Spelling Award. 

Awards Day was also the last day of school.
Look how much she has changed!
5th grade here we come!!!

We celebrated Madison's 18th Birthday 
last week with her favorite food, Mexican of course!

 Is she beautiful or what?!?!

Madison's friend, Alison joined us in celebrating!!

I can't believe she is 18! prove she's 18, guess what she purchased??
Yes, Lottery Tickets!!!
I mean it is the so called, "Education Lottery"
Let's not make this a habit though!!!

On Sunday, we attended the Baccalaureate Service for
North Lenoir graduates.  

My beautiful graduate!

 We are so close to graduation and the emotions are really catching up with me!
Several of her classmates met at their elementary school to parade 
down the hallways while the students cheered them on!

It was bitter sweet thinking back to when she was in elementary school!
A very emotional day for this Mama!!!

They've been friends since elementary school and are planning
to attend the same college so praying they can keep each other straight!
It's been a joy to watch Austin grow up into such a handsome young man!

Bailey had to have a couple of teeth pulled today and she did great!
This girl is SLIME OBSESSED!!!
She makes it all the time and loves it!

This girl is growing like a weed too!

Who else is ready for the 
Dog Days of Summer???
I know we are!
Thanks for stopping by!

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