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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prom 2015

On Saturday my oldest daughter, Madison
had the pleasure of attending her 
boyfriend's prom.
I seriously can't believe she is old enough to go to a prom...where did the time go!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you've already had a pic overload, but I wanted to share here also.

Before prom Madison and I hosted an event at the studio with Olaf and Elsa.  Madison was Elsa.
Elsa had a spray tan just a few days before since it was prom weekend.
All of the kids had lots of fun!
I of course wanted a pic with these fun 
Frozen characters!

Just as soon as the event wrapped we rushed to get Madison's hair and make-up done.
We rushed again to get home to get Madison ready including ourselves because we would be taking lots of pics!

 We took a few pics before the chaos began!

This girl is my rock!!!  I say this all the time because it is so TRUE...She is Beautiful on the inside and out!!

Landon(Madison's boyfriend) arrived and his parents came also to take pictures. 
 Sharp dressed man!!!

 He came to the front door and his mother, Shannon and I immediately went to snapping pics.

 They were both a little nervous with so many eyes watching them.  He proceeded to put on her corsage.

 Madison trying to pin on his boutonniere.

 We came back inside for a few more pics.

 Mom and Dad with the cute couple.

 Grandma Dora & PaPa Eugene stopped by to see this beauty off to prom.

Landon is the perfect gentleman!

Off to our next location for more pics.

 We arrived and Grandma Sandra was there to see her beautiful granddaughter all dressed up with her date.
 Got to get a pic with Bailey.

 I told them to look at each other and they of course got a good laugh about it.

 Bailey is sticking right with her Sissy as long as she can.

 My favorite pic!

 The sun was so bright they had a difficult time 
keeping their eyes open.

 The other cute couple--double date to prom!

 Bailey couldn't keep her eyes open.
Love my girls!

 Family prom pic.

 The best looking couple at question about it!

And finally their off!!!
Prayers to these kids and so many others that will be traveling to prom and other memorable events as this school year comes to a close.  Praying for their daily decisions in life and most importantly that they will seek GOD first.
Our children are only small for a short time and it is up to us as parents to guide and direct them.  The best that I can do is pray for and with my girls.

I am happy to report that Madison and Landon had a great time at prom!

April :)
Keep up with me everyday!

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