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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Much Fun!

Snow Days are the BEST!
We received about 2 inches of snow yesterday!
Don't get me wrong...I am so ready for
but the snow is really beautiful.
 This was so least for me anyway.
I guess I just didn't believe it because the weather
peeps don't always get it right.
When I realized it was gonna happen we got dressed and rushed to the grocery store for milk!

 We were only gone a little while and by the time we got back home the ground was covered.

 This crowd was ready for 

 Round 2 of Snow Cream. 

Bailey had her B.F.F. Emma spend the night.
They are enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches.

 Bailey and Emma were up bright and early this morning, but that didn't last long.
Bailey laid down on the couch and she was out!

Enough snow...let's fast forward to Spring.
This past weekend the hubby and I enjoyed a
date nite!
 Here we are just before we headed out to dinner and a movie.

 On Saturday morning Bailey and I did a little

 She had a blast helping in the kitchen and then had 
more fun pretending to have her own bakery.
She took tons of orders!

 Saturday afternoon I finally showered and got dressed!


 Madison and Landon went to the Miss Neuse Pageant
Saturday night.
Congratulations to 
Sumer Smith 
on her WIN!!!

Madison made cupcakes and she sent me 
this snapchat of Bailey with hers.
Too Cute!

Happy Wednesday!
April :)

Keep up with me everyday!

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  1. Snow days are great when they don't last weeks! ;) Love the vest and plaid shirt!! cute! ;)