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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Engagement

I was so excited for today... 
It's Show and Tell Tuesday!

I am linking up with Andrea over at
momfessionals.  She always hosts the best
link ups.  
Thanks Andrea!

Today we are telling how we met or got engaged to our significant other and I think my story is pretty here goes!

 I actually met my husband at the beach and came to find out we didn't live that far from each other back at home.  Several friends recommended him to me and insisted he would be a good catch. 
Well, they were all right!
We were introduced to each other and shortly began dating. We found out early we had a lot in common and trusted and believed in the same faith and values. 
Most importantly he was super sweet and loving to my daughter, Madison which made me love him even more.  He was always thoughtful and made sure to include her in everything we did.
We spent many weekends at the beach out on the boat enjoying the summer sun.  One Saturday we were doing just that and happened to find a beautiful
Sand Dollar.  This instantly became a hobby looking and searching for the perfect sand dollar.  On the N.C. coast they are very common, but most always once washed up to shore they are broken.
We couldn't believe our luck!

One Saturday(August 21, 2004 to be exact) after we had been dating about a year; we were looking for sand dollars on an island and I was so excited when I found this one...
 I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked it up...
 there was a beautiful proposal on it
and a beautiful diamond ring to go along with it!

Don't you just love the DANGER sign
in the background.
This island has large dunes that are marked off
for military training.
He proposed with one of the sand dollars we had found a few weeks before.  Written on it was,
"Will you marry me? I heart you!"
It was hidden in his pocket and when I wasn't looking he tossed it out for me to find.

We now have this shadow box in our home as 
a wonderful reminder of our special day.

We were married on October 1, 2004.

Now over 10 years later we still love going to the beach and making lots 
of memories.
I am so thankful for my sweet hubby, Gene.
He is a wonderful man that I am blessed
to call mine.

While we are discussing proposals...
the big hype now with the younger generation is something 
Guys go all out asking their date to the prom. 

Madison received a "Prom-posal" this weekend.
It was so sweet.
Check out the video below.

He chose to do it during the Sunday night youth service and it looks like he had a few people in on it.
Love the fact he chose to ask her with a
volleyball and that he did it at church!
Madison was so surprised.
I guess we will be prom dress shopping in our
very near future!

Thanks for stopping by.
Keep up with me everyday!

April :)


  1. What a sweet proposal! I love the shadow box; what a great reminder of your special day!!

  2. Love it. And love the shadow box. So sweet