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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

The best feeling in the world is to know you are loved no matter what!
My Daddy lost his battle with cancer 4 years ago today and 
he was a 100% the best Daddy!
He worked hard to provide for his family, loved my mom unconditionally and
was so much fun to be around.

This past Friday evening I dropped Madison off at volleyball practice and this Christmas song
came on the radio and the words have really stuck with me this week.
If you've ever lost a loved one...I'm sure you've wondered like myself 
the very things this song is describing.
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As I remember my Daddy and the wonderful man he was I can't help but feel
sad and upset.
After listening to this song it really made me think about how beautiful and
wonderful heaven must be and even more so at Christmas time!
It's an awesome feeling to know he's there experiencing it all!
Every day I find myself saying some things that he used to say or
realizing how wise he truly was. 
I'm thankful for the little things and memories I'm left with.

Just recently while at my parent's home I found this 
light up Santa that my Dad always put out in the yard during Christmas.
I absolutely loved this Santa and have vivid memories of him dragging it out
and placing it beside our front porch every year.
So I told the hubby about it and he surprised me by getting the Santa to our house
and lighting him up.
Not the best picture.
Of course we didn't put it at the front of our house, but I thought
in the back yard by the kid's play house would be perfect.
It's faded a lot, but it's sentimental.
I know my Daddy would love the fact that this little light up Santa meant so 
much to me and now I have it in our yard for my girls.

Prayers to all those missing loved ones this
holiday season!
Take time this Christmas to spend some precious time with your spouse, mom, dad, grandparents, children and friends...
You never know what tomorrow may bring.

Love always,
Daddy's Little Girl

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