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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Dance & Meadow Lights

It's always lots of fun to get dressed up during the holidays!
Madison and her boyfriend had a
Christmas Dance 
to attend last night...
so that's just what she did!
Be prepared for lots of pics.
 Are they a good lookin' couple or what?

 Madison was so excited to dress up and go to the Christmas dance with Landon.

 Bailey had to get a pic with the sweet couple and yes 
my child is outside in the cold without shoes.

 I just can't get over how beautiful she is!

Landon is so handsome and always has the best manners.

 Daddy getting a pic with his baby girl.

I had fun watching her and Bailey get ready, singing songs while Madison curled her hair and
just watching Bailey adore her Big Sissy!

It wasn't long after these two left that Madison called me to let me know that a
deer ran out in front of the car and they slightly hit him...definitely enough to scare
us all.  So we headed to check out the damage and for Landon's parents to check on things.
So thankful they were okay...could have been so much worse.
The good Lord was looking out for them!

We recently traveled to see 
Meadow Lights.
 Group selfie on the train enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights.

 Love these girls and spending time with them.

I posted this pic the other night of my comfy Christmas leggings.
So much need a pair! :)
Click here to see some fun leggings.

Let's check in on Skippy and Ginger...
 Bailey set out her mailbox playing the other day so Skippy and Ginger left her some
Magic Reindeer Food in it and a sweet note.

They brought back some snow from the North Pole.

Merry Thursday!
Keep up with me everyday.

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  1. Madisons dress was absolutely gorgeous- I wonder where she gets it from?!?! Such a cute couple!